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Title roundup: add <link rel=next> links
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msg7120 (view) Author: twb Date: 2009-01-17.01:30:55
The HTML standards describe LINK tags with the REL attribute set to a
specific keyword, to define relationships between pages of a document
that spans multiple pages.  These links are seen for example in
docbook output, and on google's search result pages.

They are useful in Opera and Emacs-W3M, where pressing SPC scrolls
down one page length -- unless you are at the bottom of the page, in
which case it jumps to the next page.

So for example, if I am looking at a google result page, and don't see
anything interesting, I keep hitting SPC to scroll down.  Jumping to
the next page (link rel=next) at th end of a page makes it "feel" more
like a single coherent document.

This approach would be very welcome on roundup result pages, too,
where the number of bugs in a search doesn't fit on a single page.  So
for example when I browse to


it shows 20 of 52 bugs; pressing SPC would take me to


and from that page, pressing DEL (Backspace) would scroll up or take
me back to the previous page in the result sequence.
msg7121 (view) Author: twb Date: 2009-01-17.01:34:59
I actually tried to post this in November, but I messed up the syntax so
the rejection message has been sitting in my inbox this whole time :-)
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