Issue 1394 wish: Elapsed time for each test.

Title wish: Elapsed time for each test.
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Created on 2009-03-15.09:20:54 by twb, last changed 2009-11-15.22:32:24 by KimWallmark.

msg7461 (view) Author: twb Date: 2009-03-15.09:20:51
Currently we get lines like this:

    Running replace_after_pending_add.sh ...         passed.

After leaving "cabal test" alone for half an hour, it's still going.
I'd like to at least be able to see what tests are slow, e.g.

    Running replace_after_pending_add.sh ...         passed after 612 seconds.

It should not be hard to customize Distribution/ShellHarness.hs to get
the current time before and after each test, and output the different
between the two.
msg7611 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2009-04-09.10:58:35
Marking ProbablyEasy
msg9279 (view) Author: KimWallmark Date: 2009-11-14.22:59:17
I have submitted a potential patch for this.  I will link to it when it shows up
in the issue-tracker.
msg9296 (view) Author: KimWallmark Date: 2009-11-15.10:01:26
http://bugs.darcs.net/patch62 is the patch with my proposed fix for this issue.
msg9375 (view) Author: KimWallmark Date: 2009-11-15.22:32:19
This proved to be more complicated than I'd originally thought.  See notes on
http://bugs.darcs.net/patch62 for more discussion.
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