Issue 1576 use SSH URI to distinguish between ssh implementations

Title use SSH URI to distinguish between ssh implementations
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Superseder accept URIs for ssh repos (eg sftp://droundy@darcs.net:10022/foo/bar)
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msg8539 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2009-08-27.15:42:16
Splitting from issue504, msg1976 (see issue for more discussion)

The idea is that putty://droundy@darcs.net:10222/foo/bar would tell us that
we've got to run PuTTY.  This may very well wind up being a wont-fix (in
msg1980, David observed that we could use the DARCS_GET_SSH environment variable).

Potential reasons to implement it might be (a) built-in PuTTY support to cover
the usual case and (b) darcs-transfer mode

I guess we can't work on this until issue1575 is taken care of.
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