Issue 1646 distinguish between local prefs and remote prefs in _darcs/prefs

Title distinguish between local prefs and remote prefs in _darcs/prefs
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msg8951 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2009-10-11.07:50:10
I've complained about this several times, yet I can't find a bug to go with it.

A big source of user confusion is that darcs users _darcs/prefs for three very
different things:

  remote prefs:
    - motd <-- this could also be useful for patch-taggers
    - email
  local prefs:
    - author
    - defaultrepo
    - defaults
    - sources
    - boring
    - binaries
  internal metadata:
    - prefs <-- used by setpref 

Since we can't do much about the remote prefs and the internal metadata for
reasons of backward compatibility, I propose that we create a separate
_darcs/localprefs directory and check there first.  It would mean that old
versions of darcs won't recognise the prefs, but I don't think it's serious
enough of a problem to warrant a format change.
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