Issue 179 annotate -t foo --xml-output

Title annotate -t foo --xml-output
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Created on 2006-05-25.07:27:37 by maxbattcher, last changed 2017-07-30.23:35:41 by gh.

msg674 (view) Author: WorldMaker Date: 2006-05-25.07:27:35
* ``darcs annotate -t "Some Tag"`` should be able to provide 
--xml-output, similar in format to ``darcs changes``.  This would help 
3rd party applications.

* It might help with usability/discover-ability to alias ``darcs changes 
--tags "pattern"`` to something like ``darcs query tags [optional 
pattern]``.  Similarly, ``darcs annotate -t "Pattern"`` to something 
like ``darcs query tagchanges "pattern"``.
msg8534 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2009-08-27.14:43:37
Just an update on this: 'darcs show tags' was implemented a while ago, so the
remaining request is for XML output on annotate -t
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