Issue 1821 break up alternatives in help output

Title break up alternatives in help output
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msg10755 (view) Author: fx Date: 2010-04-18.11:55:38
Where there are alternative names for options, they push all the
descriptions in the --help output far over to the right.  Could the list
be broken with newline/indent rather than a comma?  Alternatively the
description could be on a newline.  I could have a look at
implementation if necessary.

Example from pull --help:

             --dont-allow-conflicts, --no-allow-conflicts  fail if there patches that would create conflicts
msg10826 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2010-04-26.17:09:45
This has bothered me too.  

I suppose the underlying getopt library never really anticipated there
being multiple *long* flag names (which is understandable).  

We may have to solve this with some copy-and-paste programming on our
part (or maybe try to get something into the getopt library?).

I suspect that if you find out what the actual bit of getopt (Haskell)
code that does this is, tweaking it to behave in a nicer way isn't so bad.

See also issue1550 and issue1260.
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