Issue 1905 No progress reporting with darcs get of a repo with packs.

Title No progress reporting with darcs get of a repo with packs.
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Created on 2010-08-04.22:28:45 by mornfall, last changed 2017-07-31.02:14:21 by gh.

msg11963 (view) Author: mornfall Date: 2010-08-04.22:28:44
I am filing this so it is not forgotten. The current packed get code is 
not printing any progress reports -- this needs to be fixed before 2.6 
is released. Also, for this to work properly, the tarball needs to be 
unpacked on the fly (as it is being downloaded). The progress reporting 
can also be much more exact with packs, since we have the exact file 
list available as nearly the first thing.
msg14758 (view) Author: markstos Date: 2011-10-13.13:04:29
My recommendation is to default to --nopacks for 2.8, and not block the 
release with this.
msg19147 (view) Author: gh Date: 2016-04-07.13:17:27
The code for downloading packs now live in Darcs.Repository.Packs.
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