Issue 1932 isFile skips real files with colons, breaks "add" in darcs 2.4.98

Title isFile skips real files with colons, breaks "add" in darcs 2.4.98
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Milestone Resolved in 2.8.0
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Topics FilePath, Regression

Created on 2010-08-24.10:22:39 by dastapov, last changed 2010-11-17.15:36:48 by kowey.

msg12282 (view) Author: dastapov Date: 2010-08-24.10:22:38
I am using darcs with etckeeper to manage my /etc. Recently I updated to darcs 2.4.4 
(release) and suddenly "darcs add -qr ." began failing with "fromJust: Nothing" error 

I've taken bleeding-edge hashed-storage and darcs and built myself a version " 
(+ 126 patches)". I then grepped for all files that have "fromJust" and dont have 
"inclide impossible.h", added "include impossible.h" to src/Darcs/Commands/Add.hs and 

  darcs: bug at src/Darcs/Commands/Add.lhs:264 compiled Aug 24 2010 13:01:16
  fromJust error at src/Darcs/Commands/Add.lhs:264 compiled Aug 24 2010 13:01:16
  See http://wiki.darcs.net/BugTracker/Reporting for help on bug reporting.

In a short while I managed to track the root cause to the "isFile" in src/Darcs/URL.hs.

My /etc/ contains files like "usb_modeswitch.d/19d2:0053" which were added to the 
repository when I was using darcs 2.2.0. With darcs 2.4.4 (and beyond) they are not 
considered to be a file, hence "isRelative" returns False for them, hence 
"simpleSubPath" returns Nothing for them, and after that "fromJust" fails in Add.lhs.

There is a quick workaround: replace "map (fromJust . simpleSubPath)" with "catMaybes . 
map simpleSubPath" - offending files would be skipped and darcs would not crash. 
However, it seems to me that proper course of action would be to handle this files.

I will attach a patch with failing test case shortly,
msg12285 (view) Author: dastapov Date: 2010-08-24.10:34:08
I've attached patches with both test case and quick workaround
msg12294 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2010-08-25.15:00:39
Thanks for the bug and the patches Dmitry! Can we confirm to what extent 
this issue is a regression?  What was the last working version for you?

As you've most kindly submitted a test, verifying this should actually 
be not so painful (at least on our part if you don't have the time).

BTS training: (talking to any future Darcs Issue Managers).  Basically 
there are 3 actions you need to worry about before you can set a ticket 
to need-implementation: (1) create a minimal test case (2) find out if 
it's a regression and from what, (3) diagnose the problem.  Dmitry has 
helped us with #1 by submitting patch361 and a little bit with #3 by 
submitting patch362.  Now we're just waiting on a bit of tuning for #1 
and hopefully some more clues for #2. If we don't get them, that's fine 
because we can just reuse the test case he sent us.
msg12304 (view) Author: dastapov Date: 2010-08-25.17:34:26
The real issue at hand is with handling
"tricky" characters in file names. On Unix, I can have ':' and '?' or '<' in
my filename, while on Windows they are forbidden. This is supposed to be handled by "--reserved-ok" 
option, so I guess that the official position is that users are allowed
to shoot themselves in the foot however they like.

I am fine with that and will assume this much for the rest of the text. So,
the correct behavior for darcs would be to add files like "aaa:bbb" and even
"c:\src" to the repository, as long as those files really exist and are
really files, and "--reserved-ok" was supplied.

Now, colon has a special role in Darcs, since it is used in names of remote
scp-accessible repositories. It seems that a colon in repository name should
automatically mean that it is either a HTTP repo or an scp repo. Unless we
make a drastical change and start requiring "scp://" in front of the scp
repo names, all colons in repo dir names should be disallowed.

Then, functions in Darcs.URL clearly serve to distinguish between possible
forms of repo names.
* isUrl should be true for names like http://....
* isSsh should be true for all names that are not URLs and containin ':'
* isFile should be true whenever both isSSH and isURL are false.

I browsed through the source and isFile, isSsh, and isUrl are indeed used to
differentiate between possible forms of repository names everywhere, except
for the "isRelative" in URL.hs

My proposal is:
1)Replace isRelative from URL.hs by isRelative from System.FilePath, which
should take into account differences between platforms and handle colon
under unix in sensible way.

2)Submit the proposal to mark ssh-accesible repositories by "ssh://" (see old 
comments at the end of the Darcs.URL description!) and
replace a horrible ad-hoc implementations of isSsh and isFile with much
better ad-hoc implementation:

isSsh f = "ssh://" `isPrefixOf` f
isUrl f = not (isSsh f) && "://" `isInfixOf` f
isFile f = not (isSsh f || isUrl f)

Do you agree?

I'll be submitting the patch for (1) shortly (along with proper test-case).
msg12305 (view) Author: dastapov Date: 2010-08-25.17:39:51
I've submitted patches for proper testcase and fix via "darcs send" and 
obsoleted old patches. Hope this is ok.
msg12324 (view) Author: dastapov Date: 2010-08-26.19:32:51
For all concerned, relevant discussion seems to be moving to patch368
msg13087 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2010-11-17.15:36:47
Looks like this was fixed by

Wed Aug 25 18:30:45 BST 2010  Dmitry Astapov <dastapov@gmail.com>
  * Fix for issue1932
  Do _not_ check for colons in "isRelative" - everything is covered
  inside Add.lhs and governed by use of "--reserved-ok" option.
  Replace isRelative and isAbsolute with functions from System.FilePath
  for correct handling of platform specifics.
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