Issue 1966 version controlled repository-wide preferences

Title version controlled repository-wide preferences
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msg12656 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2010-10-05.19:19:49
I think it could be useful to have a notion of repository-wide 

The UI I have in mind is something like a changepref patch with the name 
like "repoprefsdir".

By setting this, you can give Darcs one place to look for version-
controlled preferences.

Things which would then go under that directory would be:
 - boring file
 - binaries
 - authorspellings
 - email (this needs another feature, will follow-up with ticket)
 - motd (ditto)

The idea is to avoid having to set a lot of different preference 
settings when really what you want is version-controlled metadata.

If there is a boringfile and binariesfile pref, they would override the 
value of repoprefsdir

Action required to make this idea work in the current form: verify with 
some hand-written patches that old darcsen (say 1.0.9) will cope 
gracefully with new changepref types.
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