Issue 2126 Provide color support for windows powershell

Title Provide color support for windows powershell
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msg15003 (view) Author: mulander Date: 2012-01-13.20:04:12
Windows powershell supports color output. Here is an irc transcript showing that darcs could 
allow color output.

 [20:31] <Heffalump> https://github.com/batterseapower/ansi-
terminal/blob/master/System/Console/ANSI/Windows/Emulator.hs seems to be the answer
 [20:31] <Heffalump> so in conclusion it looks like we should switch darcs to use ansi-wl-
pprint to get good colour support on windows
 [20:32] <Heffalump> rather than using shell-specific mechanisms
 [20:34] <Heffalump> or use ansi-terminal if we don't want to switch pretty printing library
msg15010 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2012-01-13.21:49:06
Looks like it might be an easy one to do for somebody new to darcs.  We 
won't be able to get rid of ColourPrinter because of the fancy darcs-
specific stuff it does but at least it shouldn't be doing its own escape 
sequence stuff.

Darcs has been gradually kicking things out and switching to 3rd party 
libs over the years.  Takes a while, but the less stuff we have to be 
responsible for, the better :-)
msg15014 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2012-01-13.22:09:19
it's unfortunately not completely trivial because ansi-terminal has an 
interface that does IO directly, whereas the current ANSI handling in 
darcs just sticks the relevant strings together. So there'd need to be 
some kind of representation change.
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