Issue 2129 Provide a way to change date/time output format

Title Provide a way to change date/time output format
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msg15007 (view) Author: mulander Date: 2012-01-13.20:18:20
The date and time output format should be possible to override both globally and locally.

Providing a string similar to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS etc. would allow people to use their preferred 

It's also common for people to work with geographically disjoint teams where someone might want to 
use a locale agreed upon the whole team to have consistent referring points in time.

The same applies to working on a remote shell where both the timezone and the locale might be 
different to the actual locale of the user.
msg15008 (view) Author: mulander Date: 2012-01-13.20:19:43
This issue might be related to Issue2085
msg15013 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2012-01-13.22:00:02
We could use formatCalendarTime instead of calendarTimeToString and allow 
users to override the format string (the default would be dateTimeFmt 
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