Issue 2133 obliterate fail with "Error applying"

Title obliterate fail with "Error applying"
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msg15037 (view) Author: delamonpansie Date: 2012-01-19.11:03:20
steps to reproduce:
1. darcs get http://unformed.ru/pub/repo/octopus
2. darcs obliterate -p 'Octopus initial commit' -a
msg15038 (view) Author: owst Date: 2012-01-19.11:13:57
There's also misleading "Doing a one-time conversion" message when darcs
fails. We're using Prelude.catch in applyHashed
(src/Darcs/Repository/HashedRepo.hs), so any exceptions will be caught,
which is probably not what we want.
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