Issue 2196 darcs doesn't expand "~" paths?

Title darcs doesn't expand "~" paths?
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Created on 2012-05-09.18:00:43 by ssbr, last changed 2012-05-09.18:00:43 by ssbr.

msg15659 (view) Author: ssbr Date: 2012-05-09.18:00:42
I am under the impression that darcs doesn't expand a path like "~foo".
For example, the following fails for me in darcs rc1 (the
ubuntu version of darcs):
    $ darcs push daj@example.org:~daj/foo

even though I can `cd ~daj/foo` if I SSH in by hand.

I would request that darcs expand these paths as appropriate, so that
that would be the same as if I'd done it locally where ~ is expanded by
the shell. In this case, ~daj is /u/daj, and it works if I darcs push
daj@example.org:/u/daj/foo .
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