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Title Only working on my own patches
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msg16250 (view) Author: andreas.abel Date: 2012-10-19.10:03:50
Is there an easy way to tell darcs to consider only my own patches when 
asking me which patch I want to work on?  I envision something like

   darcs amend-record --my
   darcs unrecord --my
   darcs obliterate --my

etc. that restricts the candidate patches to my own patches.  In 99% of 
the cases, I do not want to amend other peoples patches...


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msg16794 (view) Author: rubenAstudillo Date: 2013-05-05.03:30:56
Hi andreas.abel, I am not a developer (yet) but you can archive this by

    darcs amend-record --match 'author "regexOnMail"'

Which in my case suffice to do a

    darcs amend-record --match 'author "ruben"'

This has the desired effect.

Also, This doesn't look like a bug, but something that a little question on
#darcs could have solved, also more quick!. Anyways you now can close the
ticket. Sorry for my english and I hope I was helpful.

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