Issue 2440 use case for rebase push or push --obliterate

Title use case for rebase push or push --obliterate
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msg18195 (view) Author: bf Date: 2015-02-20.19:22:30
When i work on a project from home, i'd like to push my changes to a
remote (ssh) repo with a special semantics: the patches I push are
supposed to take priotity over anything that conflicts. One option would
be to suspend confliting patches on the remote side a la 'darcs rebase
pull'. Another option would be even more drastic: obliterate the patches
in the remote repo. The latter is what I usually do in a manual fashion
i.e. ssh user@host, then darcs obliterate, leave and then push. This is
especially useful for patches I amend locally. One could also imagine a
bnew command for this, something like 'sync' (because the effect is
similar to doing an rsync of _darcs, except it would not override
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