Issue 2464 cache system shoud use existing ssh connexion first

Title cache system shoud use existing ssh connexion first
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msg18693 (view) Author: gh Date: 2015-07-15.20:40:57
Using Darcs 2.10.1, I have a modest repository (~30 patches, 5 small
files). I'm working on my machine and pulling from hub.darcs.net (via ssh).

What happens is I can see the metadata of the first patch but prompt
takes ages to appear. Same happens with "pull --no-cache", and after
"darcs optimize clean".

The source of the issue is that in `_darcs/prefs/repo`, I have a second
source which is a ssh URL via patch-tag (which no longer exists).

Running again with --debug, I have:

$ darcs pull --no-cache  --debug
Beginning identifying repository .
[...] # lots of OK ssh stuff to hub.darcs.net
They have the following patches to pull:
[...] # lists 3 remote patches I don't have locally
I'm doing copyFileUsingCache on patches/00000xxxxxxxxxxx..."
Will effectively do copyFileUsingCache to: "/home/xxxxx.."
Copying from "gh@patch-tag.com:..."
copySSH file: gh@patch-tag.com:.../_darcs/patches/....
Disabling progress reports...
ssh gh@patch-tag.com darcs transfer-mode --repodir /r/gh/purememo/
Failed to start ssh connection:
    fd:13: hGetLine: end of file
Severing ssh failed connection to gh@patch-tag.com
NOTE: the server may be running a version of darcs prior to 2.0.0.

Installing darcs 2 on the server will speed up ssh-based commands.

And it waits.

So there are two problems:

#1) it does not detect ssh connection failure right away, and instead waits

#2) let's assume the 2nd ssh connexion works; there should be a
heuristic that says that to grab patches, you should reuse the
*existing* ssh connexion. On the UI level I find it weird that darcs is
able to know which patches are missing, but is unable to grab them...

SO this should be 2 bug tickets in fact. I think #2 is most important,
and should be this bug ticket.  I'm going to open another ticket for #1.
msg18696 (view) Author: gh Date: 2015-07-15.20:43:26
The problem is because I have the patch-tag URL in _darcs/prefs/sources,
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