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Title Please join stackage
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msg18913 (view) Author: nomeata Date: 2016-01-15.11:41:07
As a distribution packager, I regularly stumble over conflicting
dependencies. E.g., right now, darcs requires an older version of vector
that all the packages that follow stackage LTS expect.

It would greatly simplify the work of the Debian package maintainers if
darcs would join stackage. See http://www.stackage.org/authors for the
simple instructions to do so.

What’s in for you? Free QA and notifications when your dependency ranges
are getting out of date.

msg18919 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-01-15.17:59:45
After discussion on #darcs, I've volunteered to be darcs stackage czar for 
2016. I'm working with gh to ensure the next hackage release is stackage-
compatible and will request stackage addition when that lands (hopefully this 
msg18930 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-01-16.17:19:25
msg18932 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-01-16.17:39:37
darcs has been accepted into stackage. Next: 
- test installation from the next nightly snapshot
- get it added to the current LTS snapshot
msg18955 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-01-22.19:04:09
msg18970 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-01-26.14:13:14
darcs-2.10.2 is in stackage lts-5.0, and can be installed to ~/.local/bin 

stack install darcs [--resolver=lts-5]

which I've added to http://darcs.net/FrontPage.
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