Issue 2502 push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos

Title push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos
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msg19234 (view) Author: lemming Date: 2016-07-14.07:47:58
I am currently maintaining darcs repositories both at code.haskell.org and 
hub.darcs.net. It would help me to have an option for 'darcs push' that 
pushes to multiple repositories in one go.

A command like

$ darcs push --all-repos

should push to all repos in _darcs/prefs/repos. I think it should be 
rather equivalent to

$ for repo in `cat _darcs/prefs/repos`; do darcs push $repo; done

Currently I am doing the same with a simple shell script. Thus the new 
option would be a nice addition, but no essential feature.
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