Issue 2504 network tests can prompt for user's password

Title network tests can prompt for user's password
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Created on 2016-08-30.00:01:20 by simon, last changed 2017-01-08.20:02:41 by bf.

msg19237 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-08-30.00:01:18
Running the darcs tests, during two of the network tests I was prompted for my 
password, I think because they try to ssh to `whoami`@localhost, which asks 
for a password at least on this mac.

Tests to run non-interactively.

The darcs 2.12 source.

OSX el capitan.

Related: http://bugs.darcs.net/patch1378
msg19332 (view) Author: bf Date: 2017-01-08.19:58:16
Network tests should be on by default only on the development branch,
and off for releasae branches. Anyway, it would be nice to find a
solution that somehow detects if user input is required and skips the
ssh based tests in this case. I have sent a patch (patch1526) that, for
me at least, seems to do this.
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