Issue 2609 conflicts in unrevert bundle

Title conflicts in unrevert bundle
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msg20460 (view) Author: bf Date: 2018-11-15.14:09:23
The setup to reproduce this bug is similar to the one for issue2605, but
note the additional "echo V > f; darcs revert -a":

darcs init R1
cd R1
echo A > f
darcs record -lam A1 f
echo B > f
darcs record -lam B f
# we now have R1=A1:>B
cd ..

darcs init R2
cd R2
echo A > f
darcs record -lam A2 f
echo V > f
darcs revert -a
darcs pull ../R1 -a
darcs obliterate -a -p A1
# we now have R2=A2:>B
cd ..

and now we do:

> cd R2 && darcs unrevert -a
Backing up
We have conflicts in the following files:
msg20465 (view) Author: bf Date: 2018-11-15.22:03:33
This has nothing to do with issue2605. The conflict can be created more 

darcs init R
cd R
echo A > f
darcs record -lam A f
echo R > f
darcs revert -a
echo B > f
darcs record -lam B f
darcs unrevert -a
cd ..

Perhaps this is not a bug but a feature?
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