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msg20660 (view) Author: bugs1 Date: 2019-02-28.13:24:13
This account has been infected! It will be good idea to change your pswd right this moment!
You may not know me me and you really are probably surprised why you're getting this particular message, right?
I'm ahacker who openedyour email boxand OSseveral months ago.
Do not make an attempt to get in touch with me or alternatively seek for me, it is not possible, considering that I directed you a letter using YOUR hacked account.
I've created virus to the adult videos (porn) website and guess that you spent time on this site to have a good time (you realize what I mean).
While you were paying attention to films, your browser began to act as a RDP (Remote Control) with a keylogger which gave me authority to access your desktop and web camera.
After that, my software programgatheredall data.
You have entered passwords on the web-sites you visited, I caught them.
Needless to say, you could possibly modify them, or possibly already modified them.
But it really doesn't matter, my app updates information regularly.
What actually I have done?
I got a reserve copy of the device. Of all files and personal contacts.
I have managed to create dual-screen video. The first screen presents the film you were watching (you've got a very good preferences, haha...), and the 2nd screen presents the video from your camera.
What actually do you have to do?
Well, I think, 1000 USD is basically a fair amount of money for our very little secret. You'll do the payment by bitcoins (if you do not know this, search “how to purchase bitcoin” in any search engine).
My bitcoin wallet address:
(It is cAsE sensitive, so just copy and paste it).
You have 48 hours in order to make the payment. (I built in an exclusive pixel to this e-mail, and at this moment I understand that you have read this email).
To tracethe reading of a messageand the actionswithin it, I usea Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (Everything thatis appliedfor the authorities may helpus.)

In the event I fail to get bitcoins, I'll certainly give your video files to each of your contacts, including relatives, colleagues, and many more?
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