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msg22656 (view) Author: lemming Date: 2021-03-15.08:35:12
I like to have an option for 'darcs pull' that allows to pull in patches 
from elsewhere without touching the working tree.


It happens occasionally that I make changes to a working tree that should 
be better split into several patches. However, I want to prepare patches 
that are consistent. Thus, say I have repository A with many changes that 
are too many for one patch. Now I create a repository clone B and transfer 
selected changes from A's working tree to B ones using a tool like 'meld' 
until B reaches a consistent state (i.e. can be compiled and tested 
successfully). Now I record a new patch in B. I go back to A and try 
"darcs pull ../B". But this will cause a lot of conflicts with A's working 
tree. However I do not want merging with A's working tree because it is 
already in a consistent state. Thus I'd prefer to do "darcs pull 
--keep-working ../B".


Here is what I currently do instead: I create another working copy that 
shares the patches with A using a symbolic link:

$ mkdir A_shadow
$ cd A_shadow
A_shadow$ ln -s ../A/_darcs
A_shadow$ darcs revert -a
A_shadow$ darcs pull ../B

An ugly hack, isn't it?


Other commands like apply, push, rebase suspend/unsuspend would benefit 
from this option, too. The existing command 'unrecord' could actually be 
defined as 'obliterate --keep-working'.
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