Issue 689 patch mangled by mail agent

Title patch mangled by mail agent
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Superseder Darcs needs real MIME parsing, fails with Mail.app, Courier
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msg3388 (view) Author: zooko Date: 2008-02-14.04:11:48
Here's an example of the problem of darcs patches being mangled by  
mail agents.  This patch:


I wanted to apply, so I told my Mail User Agent, the Macintosh  
"Mail.app" program to "Save As".  The resulting file is attached as  
exhibit A.  When I tried to apply this file, I got:

darcs failed:  Patch bundle failed hash!
This probably means that the patch has been corrupted by a mailer.
The most likely culprit is CRLF newlines.

Then I did "Select All" and copied and pasted into a file attached as  
exhibit B.  When I darcs applied exhibit B it worked.

I just thought this example might help, since I saw some comments  
recently expressing uncertainty about what sort of mail mangling was  
happening in practice.



msg3391 (view) Author: markstos Date: 2008-02-14.04:17:08

This report is a duplicate of one already filed:

"Darcs needs real MIME parsing, fails with Mail.app, Courier"
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