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1982 122 months ago darcs-fastconvert fails on http://code.haskell.org/network resolved johan.tibell  
1984 122 months ago Darcs convert with invalid repository name: poor error message resolved dmitry.tsygankov dmitry.tsygankov
2394 78 months ago optimize and convert options are actually sub-commands resolved bf  
2396 78 months ago maybe convert should be a super command resolved bf  
2446 69 months ago cleanly convert file moves in "convert export" resolved gh  
2359 34 months ago convert --export mishandles Unicode filenames resolved gh  
2617 22 months ago convert import crashes with out-of-order tags unknown bf  
2358 5 months ago convert export changes executable permissions deferred gh MaicoLeberle
2652 3 months ago `darcs convert import` double-encodes cyrillic characters in UTF-8 input stream duplicate korobkov  
983 135 months ago Darcs v2 format, semantics and convert are not documented resolved dagit  
2404 4 months ago darcs convert export ignores --repodir resolved nomeata  
580 137 months ago list files converts names to utf-8 even if they already are utf-8 resolved ppessi  
1255 137 months ago darcs put tries to convert to darcs-2-format? resolved zooko  
1862 127 months ago darcs convert fails on HEAD > 2.4.4 (Couldn't fetch XXX in subdir pristine.hashed) duplicate kowey mornfall
1853 127 months ago darcs convert fails on HEAD > 2.4.4 (Zlib premature end of compressed stream) duplicate gh  
750 127 months ago need clearer documentation for convert resolved gour  
1232 127 months ago darcs convert forgets _darcs/prefs/prefs resolved gh dino
1760 127 months ago Very slow darcs convert with 2.4 (fine with 2.3.0) resolved alexsuraci mornfall
1224 126 months ago darcs attempts to convert repositories that are already on darcs-2 format resolved jcpetruzza  
1809 122 months ago darcs convert makes no attempt to turn mergers into conflictors resolved ganesh  
1954 114 months ago converting pristine hash on already converted repo? resolved kowey mornfall
2274 92 months ago darcs convert appears to inefficiently frequently create the patch index. resolved markstos  
2429 70 months ago convert export looses file resolved bf  
2427 70 months ago incremental darcs convert export is broken resolved bf  
622 40 months ago convert => out of memory (usage over 20X patch size?!) given-up jamesdsadler  
1103 40 months ago lossy conversion warnings during darcs convert given-up simon  
2648 4 months ago `darcs convert import` double-encodes cyrillic characters in UTF-8 input stream resolved korobkov  
1979 122 months ago support marksfile in darcs-fastconvert resolved kowey  
2109 40 months ago WANT: rename darcs-fastconvert to darcs-bridge given-up owst owst
2466 5 months ago `darcs convert export` turns some Darcs tags into Git comments insead of tags unknown asr  
140 4 months ago wish: convert to ISO-8601 as default date format resolved tommy  
1890 3 months ago stop using tentativelyMergePatches in darcs convert resolved kowey  
1360 137 months ago wish: darcs convert on branches duplicate kowey  
1433 137 months ago mention --reorder in convert docs. resolved twb twb
2056 94 months ago WANT: optimize --http should convert pristine before creating packs needs-diagnosis/design gh  
1040 40 months ago wish: darcs convert with multiple branches given-up kowey  
2428 40 months ago incremental convert import into an existing repo unknown bf gh
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