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2380 43 months ago Cannot darcs mv file to file that did exist but has been removed in working resolved  
2242 18 months ago rollback mv patches confuses darcs given-up  
709 112 months ago setpref boringfile foo => darcs thinks foo is removed resolved  
1825 78 months ago Invalid pending on revert resolved mornfall
911 114 months ago whatsnew shows: mv A -> B; rm A; add B resolved  
1034 114 months ago pull => errors in pending (2.0.2+76) duplicate thorkilnaur
890 114 months ago add -r => Yikes, pending has conflicts! (1.0.9rc1) resolved  
1022 112 months ago spurious "R binary file" in whatsnew given-up  
1012 112 months ago rm/record/unrecord/record => inconsistent repository, Cannot remove non-empty file (2.0.2+70) resolved  
494 112 months ago Applying patches leaves unexpected changes in working copy (1.0.9) resolved  
1065 112 months ago Unexpected changes in working directory resolved  
1152 112 months ago buggy pending on rec with deps given-up  
1845 104 months ago darcs refuses to record removed files resolved mornfall
2076 88 months ago "darcs move myfile" into directory confuses darcs resolved galbolle
1740 86 months ago darcs mv of a directory after the fact => openBinaryFile: inappropriate type (is a directory) resolved  
1316 78 months ago amend-record: files/dirs still in pending even if they are removed needs-diagnosis/design  
1325 78 months ago darcs does not forget an adddir if you delete the directory before recording it needs-diagnosis/design  
2223 78 months ago whatsnew on moved file is strange needs-testcase  
2104 72 months ago attempt to write an invalid pending!" on "mark-conflicts needs-testcase  
1577 46 months ago reverting an addfile causes the file to be removed from the working directory needs-reproduction MaicoLeberle
1073 18 months ago pending changepref patche affects whatsnew -l performance (2.0.2) given-up  
1612 18 months ago `darcs remove' has put Darcs into a confused state given-up campbell
814 18 months ago darcs whatsnew -s does too much work given-up  
2006 18 months ago rename and move back confuses darcs given-up  
2212 6 months ago pending incorrectly being updated with extra changes upon darcs add resolved  
1486 112 months ago recording a remove fails with "Cannot remove non-empty file" while the file doesn't even exist duplicate  
693 18 months ago rmfile patch created without the actual content removal (tailor) given-up  
1077 18 months ago wish: apply sanity check (nothing new before == nothing new after) given-up  
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