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2410 21 months ago --look-for-replaces does not work in real world cases resolved bf  
2377 17 months ago darcs amend crashes in src/Darcs/Repository/PatchIndex.hs:246 resolved bf  
1753 78 months ago darcs: opening of '_darcs/index' failed: does not exist (No such file or directory) resolved twb tux_rocker
366 88 months ago unrevert => "Bug in Darcs" (Darcs2) resolved robertdamien  
434 86 months ago Repository corruption issue resolved simonpj  
134 88 months ago an invalid pending... resolved ppessi  
356 88 months ago Misleading error resolved simonpj  
453 88 months ago push bug 1.0.7 on Windows 2000 resolved bvanevery  
409 88 months ago reconcile_unwindings slowtest (1.0.9rc2) resolved kowey  
653 88 months ago push a "partial repo" to an "empty repo" fails resolved limare  
657 88 months ago push a "partial repo" to an "empty repo" fails resolved limare  
658 88 months ago push a "partial repo" to an "empty repo" fails resolved limare  
340 88 months ago trackdown => fromJust error at TrackDown.lhs:89 (1.0.8) wont-fix jkelley  
224 88 months ago push => fromJust error at Push.lhs:134 (1.0.6-1.0.8) wont-fix S.Karrmann  
584 88 months ago bug report: "darcs resolve" fails wont-fix Firmicus  
151 88 months ago pull (select) => Impossible case at PatchChoices.lhs:187 (1.0.6pre1) resolved zooko  
222 88 months ago tag --checkpoint => fromJust error at DarcsRepo.lhs:496 (1.0.5) resolved mithro  
563 88 months ago tag --checkpoint => fromJust error at DarcsRepo.lhs:522 (1.0.5) resolved jon.fairbairn jon.fairbairn
61 88 months ago Bad error message when doing optimize --checkpoint on partial repo resolved clive  
381 88 months ago darcs send -o message --edit-description doesn't work resolved marcot  
406 88 months ago can't checkpoint partial repository resolved igloo  
464 88 months ago optimize --checkpoint => fromJust error at DarcsRepo.lhs:526 (1.0.9rc1) resolved trentbuck  
500 88 months ago optimize --checkpoint => fromJust error at DarcsRepo.lhs:533 (1.0.9) resolved kaczmarek.w  
517 88 months ago unrecording checkpoint patch quietly breaks things resolved trentbuck  
652 88 months ago push a "partial repo" to an "empty repo" fails resolved limare  
375 88 months ago push from partial => fromJust error at Push.lhs:136 (1.0.8) resolved h.guenther  
1095 88 months ago send => fromJust errorsrc/Darcs/Commands/Send.lhs:196 (2.0.3pre2) given-up twb  
553 86 months ago darcsXXXXXX: renameFile: permission denied (1.1.0 unstable) resolved kowey  
583 86 months ago fromJust error in Viewing.lhs when reverting certain combinations of hunks in a repo resolved will droundy
1731 81 months ago performance regression in check/repair (2.4.x) resolved kowey mornfall
1748 81 months ago fromJust error in WhatsNew duplicate mpiechotka  
1820 80 months ago reconcile_unwindings failure duplicate fx  
1817 78 months ago merge regression (external-merge) resolved fx  
1860 78 months ago noslurps darcs can create pristine that's missing hashed-files resolved mornfall  
1488 77 months ago fromJust error in WhatsNew (apply_to_slurpy) resolved byorgey  
1881 76 months ago darcs --reserved-ok choking on filenames containing '=' (fromJust: Nothing) duplicate kirstin kirstin
1932 73 months ago isFile skips real files with colons, breaks "add" in darcs 2.4.98 resolved dastapov  
1991 73 months ago can not add file with `:' in its name to version controll even with `--reserved-ok' option if `-r' exists among given arguments duplicate apprentice  
1782 60 months ago show contents --index is broken duplicate beschmi beschmi
1705 60 months ago darcs show contents --index=1 darcs.cabal fails. resolved tphyahoo thomashartman1
2092 59 months ago error applying hunk in darcs record unknown mornfall  
1695 8 months ago No commands to set repo-specific preferences like "_darcs/prefs/email" needs-diagnosis/design drcygnus  
693 86 months ago rmfile patch created without the actual content removal (tailor) has-patch kowey  
352 86 months ago MSYS mangles SSH paths wont-fix simonpj  
437 86 months ago darcs hangs (ssh controlmaster) resolved evilrob  
2485 11 months ago external resolution for unsuspend not implemented yet unknown imz  
408 86 months ago Slow Push and Pull with Remote Repository resolved bakert  
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