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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
960 61 months ago Progress messages misleading for "darcs put" deferred  
1099 63 months ago patch bundles should have repo format strings waiting-for  
1496 61 months ago `darcs annotate -p` does not respect both a patch and filename at the same time waiting-for tommy
1521 39 months ago patch bundle hash check not done early enough to detect corruption waiting-for  
1633 53 months ago make apply --interactive default waiting-for  
1719 33 months ago darcs backs up files too aggressively when there are conflicts waiting-for ganesh
2157 32 months ago remove trailing whitespace from long patch comments unknown  
2159 32 months ago interactive trackdown unknown  
2164 32 months ago darcs move: give feedback on what it's doing/done unknown  
2289 21 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown  
2300 21 months ago wish: flag to disable --exact-version unknown  
2327 8 months ago grrr, couldn't get lock detection way too late! unknown  
2392 5 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown  
2420 2 days ago darcs apply autocompletion is too slow unknown  
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