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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
1633 95 months ago make apply --interactive default waiting-for  
1898 38 months ago when interacting with non-default repo, remind user about --set-default    
2157 74 months ago remove trailing whitespace from long patch comments unknown  
2261 8 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown  
2289 63 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown  
2317 8 months ago Line colouring ignored when listing changes at last regrets unknown  
2368 8 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown  
2392 47 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown  
2441 24 months ago annotate should use pager (like log) unknown  
2484 25 months ago command to call external merge tool (perhaps, darcs mark-conflicts option) unknown  
2531 8 months ago help for non-existing subcommand should indicate failure unknown  
2580 1 month ago task: take advantage of directory, filepath and temporary librares to simplify own code unknown  
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