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(no priority set)
2468 67 months ago unit tests for SelectChanges module unknown  
2497 60 months ago optimize speed of conflict computing in whatsnew -s unknown  
2436 8 months ago rollback --patches takes ages before first prompt unknown  
2022 125 months ago obliterate stops at the last tag unknown  
1746 8 months ago whatsnew -l reading files it should not (2.4) needs-implementation  
390 8 months ago wish: "darcs whatsnew somefile" lstats every file in the working copy and pristine/ directory unknown tux_rocker
1568 141 months ago bytestring for Darcs.Patch.FileName needs-implementation  
1007 134 months ago use lazy bytestring in darcs needs-implementation  
1567 111 months ago deforestation/fusion on RL/FL needs-implementation  
1306 8 months ago size/speed/progress reporting in get, pull, etc. needs-implementation exlevan
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