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2441 19 months ago annotate should use pager (like log) unknown  
2317 3 months ago Line colouring ignored when listing changes at last regrets unknown  
2531 3 months ago help for non-existing subcommand should indicate failure unknown  
2359 1 month ago convert --export mishandles Unicode filenames unknown  
1822 36 months ago Don't emit noise when stdio isn't a tty. needs-implementation  
1783 30 months ago changes --xml does not handle multiple file arguments correctly needs-implementation Arnav
2020 9 months ago WANT: utf-8 encoding of _darcs/prefs/author needs-implementation  
1553 98 months ago small example darcs repo needs-implementation  
140 98 months ago wish: convert to ISO-8601 as default date format needs-implementation  
1549 92 months ago trim whitespace in _darcs/prefs/post needs-implementation  
1872 90 months ago use ISO8601 dates in XML output needs-implementation  
1633 90 months ago make apply --interactive default waiting-for  
1772 89 months ago repo suggestion (no more cat _darcs/prefs/repos) needs-implementation  
1369 84 months ago get/pull --max-count needs-implementation  
1567 69 months ago deforestation/fusion on RL/FL needs-implementation  
1387 69 months ago darcs whatsnew --summary: diffstat style needs-implementation  
1323 69 months ago make more modest claims about ISO 8601 implementation needs-implementation  
1806 68 months ago better error message when just posthook fails needs-implementation  
1545 68 months ago account for missing PATH when calling other software needs-implementation  
1797 65 months ago improve error message when applying bad patch needs-implementation  
2290 57 months ago Document which subcommands export env variables to posthook (Probably Easy) needs-implementation  
2392 42 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown  
1898 33 months ago when interacting with non-default repo, remind user about --set-default    
2484 20 months ago command to call external merge tool (perhaps, darcs mark-conflicts option) unknown  
2368 3 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown  
926 100 months ago wish for more standard gnu changelog style needs-implementation  
1142 100 months ago darcs show description --tag foo ==> "foo (+ 4 patches)" needs-implementation  
1621 99 months ago Set $MAN_PN when displaying help. needs-implementation  
1394 97 months ago wish: Elapsed time for each test. needs-implementation  
545 93 months ago wish: Add a --gpg-command=COMMAND for darcs send analogous to --sendmail-command needs-implementation  
1265 69 months ago show all changes in amend record --edit, not just the new ones needs-implementation  
2157 69 months ago remove trailing whitespace from long patch comments unknown  
2043 68 months ago replace own SHA1 implementation by existing library needs-implementation  
2289 57 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown  
1087 32 months ago more informative explanation for darcs revert lock needs-implementation MaicoLeberle
2077 31 months ago Warning when re-adding deleted file/directory needs-implementation  
2261 3 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown  
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