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1258 82 months ago Matchers Replace "darcs changes --context" with "darcs show context". needs-implementation  
1329 82 months ago Devel, ProbablyEasy update documentation on running the test suite needs-implementation twb
1444 82 months ago ProbablyEasy pass command line file/directory arguments to prehook needs-implementation  
1468 82 months ago Devel use a smaller repository for darcs network tests deferred  
921 82 months ago Windows wish: Improve darcs send experience on Windows (MIME/MAPI) needs-implementation  
1253 82 months ago UI point out indentation hunks in record needs-implementation  
1077 82 months ago ThePendingPatch wish: apply sanity check (nothing new before == nothing new after) needs-implementation  
1052 82 months ago UI wish: mechanism to save patch selection? needs-implementation  
990 82 months ago Git, ProbablyEasy, Provisional, UI record --working-dir needs-implementation  
1099 82 months ago ProbablyEasy patch bundles should have repo format strings waiting-for  
926 82 months ago ProbablyEasy, UI wish for more standard gnu changelog style needs-implementation  
1317 82 months ago   Wrong completion in darcs mv when in subdirectory (bash) needs-implementation  
1289 82 months ago UI wish: warn when applying duplicate patch? needs-implementation  
1345 82 months ago   Pluggable suggestions for --ask-deps needs-implementation greenrd
1395 82 months ago Documentation recommend msmtp for darcs send for non-MTA users needs-implementation  
1409 82 months ago SSH, Windows Support OpenSSH for Windows waiting-for aldekein
1390 82 months ago SSH, Windows Windows "requires" SFTP instead of using darcs transfer-mode needs-reproduction  
1568 82 months ago Performance bytestring for Darcs.Patch.FileName needs-implementation  
99 82 months ago Performance wish: Memory-suite waiting-for  
1083 82 months ago   DARCS_DO_COLOR_LINES=True fights with \XX escape color needs-implementation  
1116 82 months ago Matchers, UI reject multiple --from- matchers on command line needs-implementation  
1121 82 months ago ProbablyEasy, UI user-friendlify error message when user cancels gpg signing needs-implementation  
1142 82 months ago ProbablyEasy darcs show description --tag foo ==> "foo (+ 4 patches)" needs-implementation  
1572 82 months ago   darcs get can retrieve a not-yet-recorded setpref setting needs-reproduction  
1573 82 months ago   repair does not notice setpref corruption waiting-for  
1073 82 months ago Performance, ThePendingPatch pending changepref patche affects whatsnew -l performance (2.0.2) needs-reproduction  
559 82 months ago Conflicts darcs diff shows misleading and/or nonsensical output on a patch that has conflicted deferred  
288 82 months ago UI search feature in interactive patch selection needs-implementation  
78 82 months ago Matchers wish: changes --from-context=filename needs-implementation  
557 82 months ago   new safer unpull command (unpull 'against' remote repo to avoid unpulling local patches) needs-implementation  
543 82 months ago   wish: unrevert multiple reverts deferred  
289 82 months ago   wish: record should prompt only once when adding and removing files needs-implementation  
331 82 months ago Community wish: copyright headers could use more attention needs-implementation  
1407 82 months ago Devel, ProbablyEasy run unit tests on buildslaves needs-implementation  
1502 82 months ago Control-C C-c doesn't work in a hanged darcs push waiting-for marcot
387 82 months ago   wish: avoid use of 'show' on exceptions needs-reproduction  
152 82 months ago Performance, Provisional use FreeArc instead of gzip? waiting-for  
737 82 months ago   darcs annotate --last=n needs-implementation  
539 82 months ago   wish: make darcs aware of function definitions deferred  
743 82 months ago   Additional setpref options (eg for managing permissions, symlinks, etc) needs-reproduction  
981 82 months ago Community implement darcs support for savannah and other hosting sites deferred  
1487 82 months ago UI Adopt GNU Gettext for i18n and l10n deferred  
1595 82 months ago Documentation darcs get --help - mention darcs-1 --> hashed needs-implementation  
746 82 months ago   optimize --reorder => bug in get_extra commuting patch (2.0.0pre3) waiting-for quick
875 82 months ago Provisional, UI wish: changes -v output to pager needs-implementation  
1010 82 months ago   log failures applying to working dir as patch; and keep warning the user about them needs-implementation  
189 82 months ago   --external-merge tool should properly reference renamed files needs-implementation  
982 82 months ago SSH wish: darcs push without remote darcs deferred  
40 82 months ago UI wish: Please reflow --help output to the terminal width waiting-for  
826 82 months ago UI deal with working dir errors better on darcs push waiting-for  
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