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ID Activity Topic Title Status Assigned To
926 105 months ago ProbablyEasy, UI wish for more standard gnu changelog style needs-implementation  
1568 105 months ago Performance bytestring for Darcs.Patch.FileName needs-implementation  
1142 105 months ago ProbablyEasy darcs show description --tag foo ==> "foo (+ 4 patches)" needs-implementation  
1487 105 months ago UI Adopt GNU Gettext for i18n and l10n deferred  
189 105 months ago   --external-merge tool should properly reference renamed files needs-implementation  
717 105 months ago   trackdown option to include _darcs in test directory needs-implementation  
1240 104 months ago FilePath, Windows Windows paths starting with backslash handled incorrectly has-patch kirby
1621 104 months ago ProbablyEasy Set $MAN_PN when displaying help. needs-implementation  
1630 104 months ago UI darcs record --ask-deps should show dependencies before asking waiting-for  
1649 103 months ago Conflicts null conflict resolutions needs-reproduction  
753 103 months ago   apply => bug in get_extra commuting patch needs-reproduction  
1048 103 months ago Matchers differentiate between matching patches and dependencies when using --match has-patch  
1263 103 months ago Conflicts, Matchers, UI --match conflicted needs-reproduction  
1553 103 months ago Community, ProbablyEasy small example darcs repo needs-implementation  
1386 103 months ago   report disk size (patches, pristine) in darcs show repo needs-implementation  
140 103 months ago ProbablyEasy, UI wish: convert to ISO-8601 as default date format needs-implementation  
1394 102 months ago Devel, ProbablyEasy wish: Elapsed time for each test. needs-implementation  
1701 102 months ago Windows investigate Transactional NTFS needs-reproduction  
1704 102 months ago   directory with name "core" is considered by darcs as boring file needs-reproduction  
1682 101 months ago Git Formatting patches to submit needs-implementation  
1638 100 months ago   darcs trackdown with delta-debugging needs-reproduction  
545 98 months ago ProbablyEasy wish: Add a --gpg-command=COMMAND for darcs send analogous to --sendmail-command needs-implementation  
831 98 months ago   wish: consistent ordering of patches waiting-for  
1365 98 months ago Documentation darcs help files - describe purpose of _darcs/prefs/*. has-patch twb
1442 98 months ago UI does the darcs encoding/decoding of filenames round-trip? needs-reproduction  
1774 98 months ago Library darcs library is not thread-safe (uses current working directory) needs-reproduction  
1604 98 months ago Library refactor and clean up in src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs has-patch ganesh
1515 98 months ago Documentation create checklist of potential security issues trying to give darcs-only access to a repo has-patch  
1443 98 months ago Devel task: Formalize non-fault failure conditions needs-implementation  
1007 98 months ago Performance use lazy bytestring in darcs needs-implementation  
1549 98 months ago ProbablyEasy, Windows trim whitespace in _darcs/prefs/post needs-implementation  
1813 97 months ago Windows task: investigate posthook environment variables on Windows needs-reproduction WorldMaker
1675 97 months ago Windows grief from lack of posix-style deletion semantics on Windows needs-implementation  
1872 95 months ago ProbablyEasy use ISO8601 dates in XML output needs-implementation  
1717 95 months ago   Confusing behaviour when "No newline at end of file" deferred  
1610 95 months ago Core bug in get_extra commuting patches (darcs 1 semantics) needs-reproduction  
1688 95 months ago Windows drop MAPI support waiting-for  
1633 95 months ago ProbablyEasy make apply --interactive default waiting-for  
1662 95 months ago HTTP use of curl progress callbacks to avoid need for threaded RTS needs-reproduction exlevan
1306 95 months ago HTTP, Performance, SSH, UI size/speed/progress reporting in get, pull, etc. needs-implementation exlevan
1890 94 months ago Darcs2, Performance stop using tentativelyMergePatches in darcs convert needs-implementation  
1891 94 months ago UI darcs stash waiting-for  
1895 94 months ago Core, Library create a customised monad for Darcs to do IO in needs-implementation  
1772 94 months ago ProbablyEasy, UI repo suggestion (no more cat _darcs/prefs/repos) needs-implementation  
1899 94 months ago Devel Improve parser tests and quickchecks needs-implementation  
1906 93 months ago   darcs check should recalculate hashed of pristine files to catch empty/corrupted files needs-reproduction gh
1907 93 months ago Core, Devel Show should produce "standard" output needs-implementation  
337 93 months ago Matchers, UI say when patches are automatically pre-selected due to dependencies needs-implementation  
1915 93 months ago Community collect contributor license agreements from darcs hackers needs-implementation  
1829 93 months ago Conflicts, Darcs2 inconsistent patch needs-reproduction  
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