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ID Creation Title Status
2280 16 months ago failure on NFS waiting-for
2279 16 months ago darcs rebase obliterate should support same matching options as darcs obliterate unknown
2278 16 months ago --keep-date / --no-keep-date default is not documented resolved
2277 16 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should have a --summary option resolved
2276 16 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend needs UI improvements for "You are not... Amend anyway?" needs-implementation
2275 16 months ago Darcs follows symbolic links instead of properly ignoring them unknown
2274 16 months ago darcs convert appears to inefficiently frequently create the patch index. resolved
2273 16 months ago unrevert context with mergers can cause major slowdowns needs-diagnosis/design
2272 16 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes needs-implementation
2271 17 months ago darcs optimize --disable-patch-index should fail if it lacks write access to the patch index files resolved
2270 17 months ago darcs changes -i --only-to-files reports changes to all files resolved
2269 17 months ago rebase should warn about stolen patches at suspend, not unsuspend needs-implementation
2268 17 months ago darcs 2.8 does not build from cabal on Mac OS X needs-reproduction
2267 17 months ago darcs fails to print help for --match resolved
2266 17 months ago darcs get with patch argument fails on Mac OSX: bad error message unknown
2265 18 months ago Can't apply patch files with names containing ':'s unknown
2264 18 months ago Attempting to oblit into a file containing '/'s will fail unknown
2263 18 months ago option --set-scripts-executable is not properly documented resolved
2262 18 months ago display of meta-data should be in local encoding unknown
2261 18 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown
2260 18 months ago darcs changes --last n doesn't take account of rebase patch needs-implementation
2259 18 months ago Only working on my own patches unknown
2258 18 months ago darcs optimize --patch-index reports: "darcs: error: patch index entry for file ./foo.html created >1 times." unknown
2257 18 months ago Get Impossible case in Depends.hs when obliterate with a subset of patches selected unknown
2256 18 months ago diff/whatsnew: Unexpected failure in updateIndex! when they perform no action needs-testcase
2255 18 months ago colon in cwd causes darcs get to fail unknown
2254 18 months ago Push/Send without repos pref file gives unhelpful error unknown
2253 18 months ago failure trying to make index in darcs-1.0 repo resolved
2252 18 months ago Darcs 2.8.2 segfaults on get/pull resolved
2251 18 months ago darcs diff filename fails with " replace patch to ./foo.c couldn't apply." unknown
2250 18 months ago Badly aligned Subcommands for `darcs show --help` resolved
2249 19 months ago findRepository has a bogus-looking case when given a file, not directory unknown
2248 19 months ago Rebase status message printed even if no patches suspended resolved
2247 19 months ago Rebase status messages being printed twice resolved
2246 19 months ago A emacs saved session (desktop) darcs_boring entry resolved
2245 19 months ago darcs tag should warn about uncommited changes unknown
2244 19 months ago darcs tag should warn about duplicate tags unknown
2243 19 months ago unknown patch in annotate with empty first line of file unknown
2242 19 months ago rollback mv patches confuses darcs needs-reproduction
2241 19 months ago New context commands: pull --context/ob --context unknown
2240 19 months ago getSymbolicLinkStatus: inappropriate type (Not a directory) unknown
2239 19 months ago darcs send to nowhere should create bundle with empty context unknown
2238 19 months ago darcs wh -ll suggests unadded files are added resolved
2237 19 months ago gzcrcs test failure with 2.9.5 resolved
2236 19 months ago Should be able to answer 'n' to y/n question in last regrets resolved
2235 19 months ago accept RFC 2822 dates resolved
2234 19 months ago Cant rollback under a tag, if affected filename is given needs-diagnosis/design
2233 19 months ago darcs get --context with missing patches error doesn't tell us which patches are missing unknown
2232 19 months ago `get -t` fails late unknown
2231 19 months ago teratorn.org expired resolved
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