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2452 29 months ago darcs clone - fatal error - delete file permission denied given-up
2451 29 months ago terminfo-0.4 support resolved
2450 29 months ago dataenc is deprecated in favour of sandi resolved
2449 30 months ago test harness/shelly: need to handle mis-encoded/binary data resolved
2448 30 months ago let `darcs diff` accept the -h/--hash flag resolved
2447 30 months ago get contents of deleted file resolved
2446 31 months ago cleanly convert file moves in "convert export" resolved
2445 31 months ago internal error if suspended patch is pulled into repository again needs-implementation
2444 31 months ago default interactivity of 'log' and 'rebase log' differs resolved
2443 31 months ago timestamp index keeps information about files added by unrecorded patches unknown
2442 32 months ago matching options for show contents unknown
2441 32 months ago annotate should use pager (like log) unknown
2440 32 months ago use case for rebase push or push --obliterate unknown
2439 32 months ago failure upgrading darcs-1.0 repository unknown
2438 32 months ago patch index creation makes cloning much slower resolved
2437 32 months ago cloning new repository with one patch from local path to ssh fails resolved
2436 32 months ago rollback --patches takes ages before first prompt unknown
2435 32 months ago scp noise when cloning from ssh wont-fix
2434 32 months ago When a patch is pushed to a repo with the 'apply --test' default set darcs test runs twice unknown
2433 32 months ago darcs help texts are often out-dated resolved
2432 32 months ago pull --reorder does not commute reordered patches resolved
2431 32 months ago darcs leaves empty files in repo resolved
2430 33 months ago sub-command rebase amend unknown
2429 33 months ago convert export looses file resolved
2428 33 months ago incremental convert import into an existing repo unknown
2427 33 months ago incremental darcs convert export is broken resolved
2426 33 months ago with rebase in progress, --last is off by one duplicate
2425 34 months ago broken repo when using darcs init shortly after copying files given-up
2424 35 months ago First push fails, second succeeds resolved
2423 35 months ago diff only respecting --diff-command when a diff.exe is present resolved
2422 35 months ago can't build on Debian stable (ghc 7.4.1) resolved
2421 35 months ago Couldn't fetch ... while pulling (was: cloning) darcs repo resolved
2420 35 months ago darcs apply autocompletion is too slow resolved
2419 35 months ago darcs changes: cannot override default -i with -a from command line resolved
2418 35 months ago add versioning to on-disk format of patch index resolved
2417 35 months ago cabal test failed for Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1: commute is effect preserving unknown
2416 35 months ago ounparse is not always a proper inverse for oparse needs-diagnosis/design
2415 35 months ago Test suite hashed-storage-test: FAIL given-up
2414 35 months ago log -h/--hash does not always work resolved
2413 35 months ago view a Darcs patch file as if it were applied in a repo given-up
2412 35 months ago clarify how certain darcs log options interact given-up
2411 35 months ago whatsnew --look-for-moves takes ages to complete resolved
2410 35 months ago --look-for-replaces does not work in real world cases resolved
2409 36 months ago darcs rebase apply resolved
2408 37 months ago Possible problem with Cabal <= 1.16 needs-diagnosis/design
2407 38 months ago Cannot build darcs with ghc-7.8.2 resolved
2406 39 months ago Darcs crashes often on Server 2012 environments given-up
2405 39 months ago patch index creation consumes too much memory resolved
2404 39 months ago darcs convert export ignores --repodir unknown
2403 39 months ago darcs rebase pull --reorder crashes in src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs:275 resolved
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