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ID Creation Title Status
2370 18 months ago Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2'o unknown
2369 18 months ago Merge commute unit test fails unknown
2368 18 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown
2367 18 months ago amend --unrecord should be more visible resolved
2366 18 months ago cannot build screened: hashed-storage-0.5.11 not available resolved
2365 18 months ago whatsnew fails in repos made with get --no-working-dir resolved
2364 18 months ago missing pristine file with GHC 7.8 resolved
2363 18 months ago distributed github-like isse tracker, wiki, and social features unknown
2362 18 months ago cleanup or prevent temporary files left by darcs in the working copy unknown
2361 18 months ago optimize --reorder runs forever with one repository resolved
2360 19 months ago my title unknown
2359 19 months ago convert --export mishandles Unicode filenames unknown
2358 19 months ago convert --export changes executable permissions unknown
2357 20 months ago darcs failed: Text.Regex.Posix.String died: (ReturnCode 17,"illegal byte sequence") resolved
2356 20 months ago case insensitive filesystem: mv dir/f dir/f2 = Dir is inexistent needs-reproduction
2355 21 months ago PACKAGE_VERSION_STATE prevents Darcs to build on Mavericks needs-diagnosis/design
2354 21 months ago missing Darcs functionality unknown
2353 21 months ago darcs doesn't show old changes of moved files unknown
2352 21 months ago incorrectly displays unicode patch messages in a unicode terminal unknown
2351 22 months ago test unknown
2350 22 months ago darcs cha shorthand no longer works unknown
2349 22 months ago send -O overwrites existing files unknown
2348 22 months ago Please use the new testing interface instead resolved
2347 23 months ago amend-record and amend-unrecord ignore --prompt-long-comment resolved
2346 23 months ago Darcs outputs only the lowest octet of each characters unknown
2345 24 months ago misleading error from -liconv check in Setup.lhs resolved
2344 25 months ago test unknown
2343 25 months ago darcs amend-record does not record my change resolved
2341 25 months ago fix packs getting resolved
2340 25 months ago Invoking darcs on Windows with "--repodir='WINDOWSPATH'" fails when WINDOWSPATH is in single quotes unknown
2339 25 months ago Darcs send ... on latest windows build hangs unknown
2338 26 months ago fix darcs dependencies with regards to Haskell Platform at time of release resolved
2337 26 months ago cabal install fails with: "setup: Most RTS options are disabled. Link with -rtsopts to enable them." wont-fix
2336 26 months ago edit in interactive darcs record breaks patches unknown
2335 26 months ago Darcs add on a directory is too verbose with regards to existing files resolved
2334 26 months ago Tip can't build on windows - File.hs / System.Posix.Files.ownerModes resolved
2333 26 months ago Error message when pushing and darcs not in path resolved
2332 26 months ago Attempting to enter default choice key literally gives unhelpful message resolved
2331 27 months ago darcs changes lies with Not a repository: user@remote.com:/home/user/foo unknown
2330 27 months ago more precise conflicts reporting unknown
2329 27 months ago Partial repository checkout unknown
2328 27 months ago New option -a/--all to darcs add unknown
2327 27 months ago grrr, couldn't get lock detection way too late! resolved
2326 28 months ago push doesn't support --[to|from]-[m|p]atch unknown
2325 28 months ago darcs: getCurrentDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory) unknown
2324 29 months ago add explicit editor property unknown
2323 29 months ago Darcs should support resuming from transient access denied errors unknown
2322 29 months ago a command to turn lazy repositories into complete ones unknown
2321 29 months ago when no patch name given, directly invoke text editor resolved
2320 29 months ago save prompted author name in ~/.darcs/author instead of ./_darcs/prefs/author resolved
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