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2306 18 months ago darcs get --to-patch very-old-patch only goes back to last tag unknown
2305 18 months ago darcs get --to-patch should not fail on Ctrl-C unknown
2304 18 months ago Index resolved
2303 18 months ago failure to create patch index results in: "darcs: /repo/filecache-tmp-3: rename: unsatisified constraints (Directory not empty ) needs-implementation
2302 18 months ago darcs-test "canonicalizePath" path diagnostic should report the file it was testing. unknown
2301 18 months ago WANT: test-framework args in darcs-test needs-implementation
2300 18 months ago wish: flag to disable --exact-version unknown
2299 19 months ago darcs Setup.lhs with cabal HEAD broken (withTempFile changed) resolved
2298 19 months ago Bug fixes on my device wont-fix
2297 19 months ago Support x86_64 on Windows needs-diagnosis/design
2296 19 months ago In wiki, there is a wrong info about archlinux resolved
2295 19 months ago file index should use sub-second resolution if possible needs-implementation
2294 19 months ago darcs annotate fails to include some lines when patch index is enabled. needs-testcase
2293 19 months ago Patch index update reads too much needs-diagnosis/design
2292 20 months ago darcs depends on old version of tar resolved
2291 20 months ago darcs rebase suspend enters the rebase-in-progress state too early, causing "rebase in progress with 0 patches " duplicate
2290 20 months ago Document which subcommands export env variables to posthook (Probably Easy) needs-implementation
2289 20 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown
2288 20 months ago No way to determine which (if any) tag(s) "contain" a patch unknown
2287 20 months ago darcs ob -O will overwrite existing files resolved
2286 20 months ago darcs changes: basic usage results in "invalid byte sequence" resolved
2285 20 months ago wish: push --bundle foo.dpatch unknown
2284 20 months ago darcs changes --repo http://darcs.net --last 1 tries to build patch index resolved
2283 20 months ago darcs get --tag gets more patches than it should duplicate
2282 20 months ago Attemping to pull from a rebase-in-progress repo shows patch which should never been seen. resolved
2281 20 months ago obliterate --dry-run: AVOID: darcs failed: Can't obliterate patch without reverting some unrecorded change. needs-diagnosis/design
2280 20 months ago failure on NFS waiting-for
2279 20 months ago darcs rebase obliterate should support same matching options as darcs obliterate unknown
2278 20 months ago --keep-date / --no-keep-date default is not documented resolved
2277 20 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should have a --summary option resolved
2276 20 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend needs UI improvements for "You are not... Amend anyway?" needs-implementation
2275 21 months ago Darcs follows symbolic links instead of properly ignoring them unknown
2274 21 months ago darcs convert appears to inefficiently frequently create the patch index. resolved
2273 21 months ago unrevert context with mergers can cause major slowdowns needs-diagnosis/design
2272 21 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes needs-implementation
2271 21 months ago darcs optimize --disable-patch-index should fail if it lacks write access to the patch index files resolved
2270 21 months ago darcs changes -i --only-to-files reports changes to all files resolved
2269 22 months ago rebase should warn about stolen patches at suspend, not unsuspend needs-implementation
2268 22 months ago darcs 2.8 does not build from cabal on Mac OS X needs-reproduction
2267 22 months ago darcs fails to print help for --match resolved
2266 22 months ago darcs get with patch argument fails on Mac OSX: bad error message unknown
2265 22 months ago Can't apply patch files with names containing ':'s unknown
2264 22 months ago Attempting to oblit into a file containing '/'s will fail unknown
2263 22 months ago option --set-scripts-executable is not properly documented resolved
2262 22 months ago display of meta-data should be in local encoding unknown
2261 22 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown
2260 22 months ago darcs changes --last n doesn't take account of rebase patch needs-implementation
2259 22 months ago Only working on my own patches unknown
2258 22 months ago darcs optimize --patch-index reports: "darcs: error: patch index entry for file ./foo.html created >1 times." unknown
2257 22 months ago Get Impossible case in Depends.hs when obliterate with a subset of patches selected unknown
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