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2414 25 months ago log -h/--hash does not always work resolved
2413 25 months ago view a Darcs patch file as if it were applied in a repo unknown
2412 25 months ago clarify how certain darcs log options interact unknown
2411 25 months ago whatsnew --look-for-moves takes ages to complete resolved
2410 25 months ago --look-for-replaces does not work in real world cases resolved
2409 25 months ago darcs rebase apply resolved
2408 26 months ago Possible problem with Cabal <= 1.16 needs-diagnosis/design
2407 27 months ago Cannot build darcs with ghc-7.8.2 resolved
2406 28 months ago Darcs crashes often on Server 2012 environments unknown
2405 28 months ago patch index creation consumes too much memory resolved
2404 29 months ago darcs convert export ignores --repodir unknown
2403 29 months ago darcs rebase pull --reorder crashes in src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs:275 resolved
2402 29 months ago No windows binaries for latest release unknown
2401 29 months ago License waiting-for
2400 30 months ago clone from/to remote: couldn't fetch XXX from sources resolved
2399 30 months ago Darcs.Patch.V2 (using Prim.V1): ... Failed duplicate
2398 30 months ago --xml is incompatible with --interactive unknown
2397 30 months ago --xml should be replaced with --json unknown
2396 30 months ago maybe convert should be a super command resolved
2395 30 months ago log --[no-]only-to-files deserves to be better documented unknown
2394 30 months ago optimize and convert options are actually sub-commands resolved
2393 30 months ago whatsnew functionality in annotate should be removed resolved
2392 30 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown
2391 31 months ago unwanted colorization control chars on dumb terminal (Unicode text) needs-diagnosis/design
2390 31 months ago broken build resolved
2389 31 months ago non-Latin (e.g. Cyrillic) letters not printed in the output of whatsnew (and record) needs-diagnosis/design
2388 31 months ago darcs optimise fails if no patches have been recorded resolved
2387 31 months ago Say which files would be reverted by an obliterate and offer to revert unknown
2386 31 months ago A file with no trailing newline characters gives strange diff output needs-reproduction
2385 31 months ago darcs log is too slow resolved
2384 31 months ago Supply last known good version to trackdown unknown
2383 31 months ago Using last regrets/hunk edit can lead to "Error applying" error unknown
2382 31 months ago Renaming directory into shadowed file gives bad error message unknown
2381 31 months ago Cannot darcs mv file to file that did exist but has been removed in working duplicate
2380 31 months ago Cannot darcs mv file to file that did exist but has been removed in working resolved
2379 32 months ago only clone repositories with packs when they are up-to-date resolved
2378 32 months ago moving a directory to a file makes repo unusable unknown
2377 32 months ago darcs amend crashes in src/Darcs/Repository/PatchIndex.hs:246 resolved
2376 32 months ago pull --reorder resolved
2375 32 months ago upgrade to GPLv3 unknown
2374 32 months ago garbage collection of global cache resolved
2373 32 months ago darcs dist should be able to create reproducible tar balls unknown
2372 32 months ago Please remove "HINT: I could not reach..." message unknown
2371 32 months ago user defined command aliases needs-implementation
2370 32 months ago Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2'o unknown
2369 32 months ago Merge commute unit test fails unknown
2368 32 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown
2367 32 months ago amend --unrecord should be more visible resolved
2366 32 months ago cannot build screened: hashed-storage-0.5.11 not available resolved
2365 32 months ago whatsnew fails in repos made with get --no-working-dir resolved
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