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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
1170 110 months ago Darcs transfer-mode disables Nagle needs-reproduction jch  
1143 114 months ago darcs changes --xml is not consistently encoded waiting-for twb  
2022 116 months ago obliterate stops at the last tag unknown kowey  
1241 116 months ago rollback doesn't look beyond a tag needs-reproduction drewp  
1981 117 months ago local pristine file error message should tell user to run darcs repair needs-implementation gh  
1958 119 months ago conflict marking order is not consistent needs-reproduction kowey  
1956 119 months ago Conflict marking bug? darcs failed: Error applying hunk to file ./file waiting-for igloo  
1945 119 months ago darcs: mergeConflictingNons failed in geteff with ix needs-reproduction mornfall ganesh
1930 120 months ago issue595_get_permissions.sh buggy waiting-for igloo  
1880 120 months ago record reports different filenames than whatsnew (Unicode) unknown kowey  
1610 122 months ago bug in get_extra commuting patches (darcs 1 semantics) needs-reproduction kowey  
1675 124 months ago grief from lack of posix-style deletion semantics on Windows needs-implementation kowey  
1813 125 months ago task: investigate posthook environment variables on Windows needs-reproduction kowey WorldMaker
1704 129 months ago directory with name "core" is considered by darcs as boring file needs-reproduction dixiecko  
753 130 months ago apply => bug in get_extra commuting patch needs-reproduction zooko  
1240 131 months ago Windows paths starting with backslash handled incorrectly has-patch steve.gardner kirby
189 132 months ago --external-merge tool should properly reference renamed files needs-implementation keturn  
2439 35 months ago failure upgrading darcs-1.0 repository unknown stevenj.mit gh
2280 92 months ago failure on NFS waiting-for fx  
2638 3 months ago Slecht nieuws voor jou unknown bugs1  
2637 7 months ago removed spam unknown bugs1  
2609 13 months ago conflicts on unrevert unknown bf  
2620 16 months ago bugs unknown bugs1  
2466 3 weeks ago `darcs convert export` turns some Darcs tags into Git comments insead of tags unknown asr  
2633 11 months ago upgrade darcs status unknown bf  
2602 12 months ago add command 'darcs config' unknown bf  
2482 14 months ago darcs mark-conflicts FILE unknown gh  
2611 20 months ago task: add a test for send using http POST unknown bf  
2601 21 months ago recognize inverse patches during log -v unknown bf  
2600 21 months ago task: improve forward compatibility needs-implementation bf  
1556 23 months ago task: abandon tentative files and keep the information in memory needs-implementation kowey  
2578 28 months ago less weak and more useful hash for repo state unknown bf  
2561 29 months ago option --not-in-remote should be more consistent and for more commands unknown bf  
2552 31 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend --all should stop at the first conflict unknown bf  
2537 32 months ago Allow / as root directory unknown e.ex.exi.exit  
2553 33 months ago rebase amend unknown bf  
2551 33 months ago revert --look-for-adds unknown bf  
2502 35 months ago push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos unknown lemming  
2513 35 months ago darcs record test ignores patch dependencies unknown sap  
1190 35 months ago conflict marking for hunk/replace conflicts needs-implementation dagit  
288 35 months ago search feature in interactive patch selection needs-implementation kowey  
2368 35 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown bf  
1976 35 months ago darcs get could handle missing pristine files more graciously needs-implementation gh  
2534 39 months ago darcs whatsnew does not invoke a pager unknown bf  
2484 52 months ago command to call external merge tool (perhaps, darcs mark-conflicts option) unknown imz  
1911 54 months ago easy way to find out which patches conflict with which needs-reproduction kowey  
2272 55 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes needs-implementation markstos  
2328 55 months ago New option -a/--all to darcs add unknown waldyrious  
2485 55 months ago external resolution for unsuspend not implemented yet unknown imz  
1898 65 months ago when interacting with non-default repo, remind user about --set-default   kowey  
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