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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
454 74 months ago darcs + scp doesn't work for paths with whitespace needs-reproduction giksos  
2080 78 months ago darcs: bug at src/Darcs/Patch/Commute.lhs:598 compiled Jun 13 2011 15:04:04 needs-reproduction nomeata  
1170 79 months ago Darcs transfer-mode disables Nagle needs-reproduction jch  
1143 82 months ago darcs changes --xml is not consistently encoded waiting-for twb  
2022 84 months ago obliterate stops at the last tag unknown kowey  
1241 85 months ago rollback doesn't look beyond a tag needs-reproduction drewp  
1981 86 months ago local pristine file error message should tell user to run darcs repair needs-implementation gh  
1959 87 months ago whatsnew shouldn't need write access (opening of '_darcs/index' failed) needs-reproduction igloo  
1958 88 months ago conflict marking order is not consistent needs-reproduction kowey  
1956 88 months ago Conflict marking bug? darcs failed: Error applying hunk to file ./file waiting-for igloo  
1945 88 months ago darcs: mergeConflictingNons failed in geteff with ix needs-reproduction mornfall ganesh
1930 88 months ago issue595_get_permissions.sh buggy waiting-for igloo  
1880 89 months ago record reports different filenames than whatsnew (Unicode) unknown kowey  
1610 91 months ago bug in get_extra commuting patches (darcs 1 semantics) needs-reproduction kowey  
1675 92 months ago grief from lack of posix-style deletion semantics on Windows needs-implementation kowey  
1813 93 months ago task: investigate posthook environment variables on Windows needs-reproduction kowey WorldMaker
1442 93 months ago does the darcs encoding/decoding of filenames round-trip? needs-reproduction kowey  
1704 97 months ago directory with name "core" is considered by darcs as boring file needs-reproduction dixiecko  
1014 99 months ago pull =>bug in get_extra commuting patch (2.0.2+77; duplicate patches) needs-reproduction kowey  
753 99 months ago apply => bug in get_extra commuting patch needs-reproduction zooko  
1240 100 months ago Windows paths starting with backslash handled incorrectly has-patch steve.gardner kirby
189 100 months ago --external-merge tool should properly reference renamed files needs-implementation keturn  
2439 4 months ago failure upgrading darcs-1.0 repository unknown stevenj.mit gh
2280 60 months ago failure on NFS waiting-for fx  
2537 3 weeks ago Allow / as root directory unknown e.ex.exi.exit  
2553 2 months ago rebase amend unknown bf  
2552 2 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend --all should stop at the first conflict unknown bf  
2551 2 months ago revert --look-for-adds unknown bf  
2502 4 months ago push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos unknown lemming  
2513 4 months ago darcs record test ignores patch dependencies unknown sap  
1190 4 months ago conflict marking for hunk/replace conflicts needs-implementation dagit  
288 4 months ago search feature in interactive patch selection needs-implementation kowey  
2368 4 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown bf  
1976 4 months ago darcs get could handle missing pristine files more graciously needs-implementation gh  
2534 8 months ago darcs whatsnew does not invoke a pager unknown bf  
2484 21 months ago command to call external merge tool (perhaps, darcs mark-conflicts option) unknown imz  
1911 22 months ago easy way to find out which patches conflict with which needs-reproduction kowey  
2272 23 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes needs-implementation markstos  
2328 23 months ago New option -a/--all to darcs add unknown waldyrious  
2485 23 months ago external resolution for unsuspend not implemented yet unknown imz  
1556 27 months ago task: safety refactor to ensure that hashed_inventory is only read once needs-implementation kowey  
1898 34 months ago when interacting with non-default repo, remind user about --set-default   kowey  
2232 34 months ago `get -t` fails late needs-implementation owst  
2392 43 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown imz  
2005 44 months ago the result of ``darcs changes --from-tag X --count`` depends on ``darcs optimize --reorder``... unknown gh  
2050 44 months ago UI improvement in selecting tags in darcs rollback needs-reproduction duncan.coutts  
2330 54 months ago more precise conflicts reporting unknown gh  
2074 58 months ago AVOID: failure when aborting obliterate that will disallow unrevert needs-implementation owst  
2290 58 months ago Document which subcommands export env variables to posthook (Probably Easy) needs-implementation markstos  
2295 59 months ago file index should use sub-second resolution if possible needs-implementation ganesh  
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