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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
1648 24 months ago darcs apply -i tries to read user input from stdin (breaks redirection) waiting-for twb  
2135 24 months ago Annotate of a file causes network activity, when changes -v doesn't, in a lazy repo needs-implementation owst owst
1783 35 months ago changes --xml does not handle multiple file arguments correctly needs-implementation beschmi Arnav
1746 36 months ago whatsnew -l reading files it should not (2.4) needs-implementation quick  
2318 37 months ago hashed_inventory is vulnerable to unguided search and replace unknown ganesh MaicoLeberle
1577 37 months ago reverting an addfile causes the file to be removed from the working directory needs-reproduction kowey MaicoLeberle
2442 38 months ago matching options for show contents unknown bf  
2434 39 months ago When a patch is pushed to a repo with the 'apply --test' default set darcs test runs twice unknown sdunifon  
1822 41 months ago Don't emit noise when stdio isn't a tty. needs-implementation twb  
176 49 months ago license needs exception for openssl needs-implementation fx  
2353 52 months ago darcs doesn't show old changes of moved files unknown apsheronets  
2212 66 months ago pending incorrectly being updated with extra changes upon darcs add needs-implementation owst  
2072 72 months ago move patches aren't properly coalesced has-patch ganesh ganesh
2092 76 months ago error applying hunk in darcs record unknown mornfall  
2114 77 months ago behavior of darcs pull --allow-conflicts is not documented unknown markstos  
454 79 months ago darcs + scp doesn't work for paths with whitespace needs-reproduction giksos  
2080 83 months ago darcs: bug at src/Darcs/Patch/Commute.lhs:598 compiled Jun 13 2011 15:04:04 needs-reproduction nomeata  
1170 83 months ago Darcs transfer-mode disables Nagle needs-reproduction jch  
1143 87 months ago darcs changes --xml is not consistently encoded waiting-for twb  
2022 89 months ago obliterate stops at the last tag unknown kowey  
1241 89 months ago rollback doesn't look beyond a tag needs-reproduction drewp  
1981 90 months ago local pristine file error message should tell user to run darcs repair needs-implementation gh  
1959 91 months ago whatsnew shouldn't need write access (opening of '_darcs/index' failed) needs-reproduction igloo  
1958 92 months ago conflict marking order is not consistent needs-reproduction kowey  
1956 92 months ago Conflict marking bug? darcs failed: Error applying hunk to file ./file waiting-for igloo  
1945 92 months ago darcs: mergeConflictingNons failed in geteff with ix needs-reproduction mornfall ganesh
1930 93 months ago issue595_get_permissions.sh buggy waiting-for igloo  
1880 93 months ago record reports different filenames than whatsnew (Unicode) unknown kowey  
1610 95 months ago bug in get_extra commuting patches (darcs 1 semantics) needs-reproduction kowey  
1675 97 months ago grief from lack of posix-style deletion semantics on Windows needs-implementation kowey  
1813 97 months ago task: investigate posthook environment variables on Windows needs-reproduction kowey WorldMaker
1442 98 months ago does the darcs encoding/decoding of filenames round-trip? needs-reproduction kowey  
1704 102 months ago directory with name "core" is considered by darcs as boring file needs-reproduction dixiecko  
753 103 months ago apply => bug in get_extra commuting patch needs-reproduction zooko  
1240 104 months ago Windows paths starting with backslash handled incorrectly has-patch steve.gardner kirby
189 105 months ago --external-merge tool should properly reference renamed files needs-implementation keturn  
2439 8 months ago failure upgrading darcs-1.0 repository unknown stevenj.mit gh
2280 64 months ago failure on NFS waiting-for fx  
2582 3 weeks ago use of </> from native System.FilePath in Darcs.Util.URL.sshFilePathOf unknown bf  
2578 1 month ago less weak and more useful hash for repo state unknown bf  
2561 2 months ago option --not-in-remote should be more consistent and for more commands unknown bf  
2552 4 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend --all should stop at the first conflict unknown bf  
2537 5 months ago Allow / as root directory unknown e.ex.exi.exit  
2553 6 months ago rebase amend unknown bf  
2551 6 months ago revert --look-for-adds unknown bf  
2502 8 months ago push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos unknown lemming  
2513 8 months ago darcs record test ignores patch dependencies unknown sap  
1190 8 months ago conflict marking for hunk/replace conflicts needs-implementation dagit  
288 8 months ago search feature in interactive patch selection needs-implementation kowey  
2368 8 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown bf  
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