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2169 61 months ago darcs-benchmark: move variant support out of repositories unknown kowey  
2166 61 months ago darcs-benchmark: BUG: Convert called with empty source list unknown kowey  
2158 62 months ago Pending adddir doesn't cause complaints if dir is rm'd in working unknown owst  
2151 62 months ago spurious hash failure messages? unknown kowey  
2143 63 months ago why would darcs record consult missing lazy patches? unknown kowey  
2144 63 months ago notepad.exe is not usable as an editor on Windows due to temporary fiels being \n terminated instead of \r\n unknown mulander mulander
2071 63 months ago Darcs won't build in Windows unknown andrew.pennebaker  
2142 63 months ago Provide an easier/more ovious way to go back to a specific tag when duplicate tags exist unknown mulander  
2140 63 months ago darcs list tags should provide a way to uniquely identify tags or don't show duplicates at all unknown mulander  
2130 64 months ago rollback keeps prompting when it should abort unknown simon  
2124 64 months ago Hitting C-c on darcs check while it downloads patches from a lazy repo results in the terminal beeping at the user and throwing the 'Exception thrown by an atexit registered action' mostly DeleteFile unknown mulander  
2128 64 months ago Improper encoding for the date string under MS Windows Vista with Polish locale unknown mulander  
2122 64 months ago Under MS Windows pulling the same repo may lead to an error on DeleteFile unknown mulander  
2119 64 months ago suspicious pending file needs-reproduction kowey  
2094 64 months ago darcs 2.7 bogus "could not reach" warning needs-reproduction simon  
2112 65 months ago bridge doesn't pipeline syncs unknown owst owst
2108 66 months ago Error when syncing conflict created in Git with bridge unknown owst owst
2107 66 months ago Use of absolute paths within bridge hooks/scripts unknown owst owst
2053 69 months ago ./INSTALL/cron_jobs.txt-0: removeLink: inappropriate type (Not a directory) unknown twb  
2069 73 months ago darcs diff sometimes leaves temporary files when interrupted by a signal unknown bfr  
2452 22 months ago darcs clone - fatal error - delete file permission denied needs-reproduction alain91  
2370 37 months ago Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2'o unknown nomeata  
2175 46 months ago darcs-beta- segfaults needs-reproduction andreas.abel  
2229 56 months ago adding a too-large file "breaks" the index, preventing subsequent revert/record unknown teratorn  
2520 3 months ago darcs.cabal needs directory 1.3 compatibility unknown ilovezfs  
1569 24 months ago fully autonomous automated performance regression testing needs-implementation kowey mornfall
1401 27 months ago bug in get_extra commuting patches needs-implementation Aaron  
2406 33 months ago Darcs crashes often on Server 2012 environments unknown Wertisdk  
1520 74 months ago Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2 needs-reproduction kowey  
1829 81 months ago inconsistent patch needs-reproduction kowey  
1847 84 months ago conflict silently appears (1.0.9 to 2.4.3+) needs-reproduction igloo  
1363 86 months ago mark-conflicts says there are none, but push says there are (duplicate patches) needs-reproduction zooko  
1811 86 months ago simultaneous darcs show contents => Hash failure needs-reproduction kowey  
1774 86 months ago darcs library is not thread-safe (uses current working directory) needs-reproduction ganesh  
1699 89 months ago Another one: mergeConflictingNons failed in geteff with ix waiting-for de0u de0u
2526 1 month ago whatsnew -l --boring does not work has-patch bf  
2020 2 months ago WANT: utf-8 encoding of _darcs/prefs/author needs-implementation g9ks157k  
2519 4 months ago Some comments cause posting of the patch to http server to fail unknown isp  
1158 4 months ago --match and --patch are silently mutually exclusive needs-implementation galbolle  
1648 12 months ago darcs apply -i tries to read user input from stdin (breaks redirection) waiting-for twb  
1905 12 months ago No progress reporting with darcs get of a repo with packs. unknown mornfall exlevan
2135 13 months ago Annotate of a file causes network activity, when changes -v doesn't, in a lazy repo needs-implementation owst owst
2490 15 months ago delete empty directories while importing from git unknown gh  
2475 18 months ago Resolved unknown jimgadler  
1745 21 months ago darcs add ... fails in Virtual Box shared directory waiting-for tb tob.brandt
2378 22 months ago moving a directory to a file makes repo unusable unknown bf  
1606 23 months ago Extra space at the start of command line arguments with diff-command needs-reproduction dburburan  
1521 23 months ago patch bundle hash check not done early enough to detect corruption waiting-for kowey  
1783 24 months ago changes --xml does not handle multiple file arguments correctly needs-implementation beschmi Arnav
1721 24 months ago Misleading "incomplete" progress messages. has-patch twb alain91
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