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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
1601 45 months ago wishlist: ad-hoc patch sharing for local area networks given-up  
1608 45 months ago browsing dependencies with `darcs changes -i' given-up  
1622 45 months ago Support literal % in command lines. given-up  
1244 45 months ago Troubleshooting article, remote darcs is not in $PATH --> ~/.ssh/environment given-up twb
1197 45 months ago darcs pull/push --quiet <<<nyd given-up  
1603 45 months ago in patch/hunk selection, $ is for see in external tool given-up  
1376 45 months ago Cabal should build user manual and manpage given-up  
1605 45 months ago Allow test when sending or pushing rather than recording given-up  
1404 45 months ago darcs replace --verbose should indicate the number of occurrences it replaced given-up  
716 45 months ago darcs trackdown does not heed exit status of initialization command given-up SamB
767 45 months ago wish: nicer error message when send -o is given a file in a nonexistent directory given-up  
40 45 months ago wish: Please reflow --help output to the terminal width given-up  
875 45 months ago wish: changes -v output to pager resolved  
743 45 months ago Additional setpref options (eg for managing permissions, symlinks, etc) given-up  
539 45 months ago wish: make darcs aware of function definitions given-up  
737 45 months ago darcs annotate --last=n resolved  
152 45 months ago use FreeArc instead of gzip? given-up  
387 45 months ago wish: avoid use of 'show' on exceptions given-up  
1407 45 months ago run unit tests on buildslaves given-up  
289 45 months ago wish: record should prompt only once when adding and removing files given-up  
543 45 months ago wish: unrevert multiple reverts given-up  
1121 45 months ago user-friendlify error message when user cancels gpg signing given-up  
990 45 months ago record --working-dir given-up  
1052 45 months ago wish: mechanism to save patch selection? given-up  
1253 45 months ago point out indentation hunks in record given-up  
1329 45 months ago update documentation on running the test suite given-up twb
887 45 months ago wish: darcs replace --interactive wont-fix  
2535 48 months ago replace changes should be offered first instead of last unknown  
2522 51 months ago Negate pattern in boring files to re-include a previously excluded file unknown  
2511 55 months ago manpage does not explain -a unknown  
2495 61 months ago behavior when conflicts are detected on push or pull unknown  
2371 62 months ago user defined command aliases needs-implementation  
2480 62 months ago Unicode support when viewing chagnges with `whatsnew` command needs-testcase  
1214 63 months ago clearly identify patches as being conflict resolution patches deferred  
52 70 months ago darcs t-shirts for sale resolved  
960 73 months ago Progress messages misleading for "darcs put" given-up  
1087 73 months ago more informative explanation for darcs revert lock needs-implementation MaicoLeberle
2440 75 months ago use case for rebase push or push --obliterate unknown  
2430 75 months ago sub-command rebase amend unknown  
2409 78 months ago darcs rebase apply resolved ganesh
2376 82 months ago pull --reorder resolved alex.aegf
2387 84 months ago Say which files would be reverted by an obliterate and offer to revert unknown  
851 85 months ago darcs whatsnew --interactive resolved DaniilFrumin
2367 85 months ago amend --unrecord should be more visible resolved  
2373 85 months ago darcs dist should be able to create reproducible tar balls unknown  
1469 86 months ago darcs push: don't lock hashed/darcs-2 repos. resolved  
1812 86 months ago follow CVS/Emacs conventions for darcs backup files resolved  
642 88 months ago wish: Automatic detection of file renames resolved  
2209 88 months ago Automatically detect replace resolved  
2181 94 months ago Please put cache in $XDG_CACHE_HOME (~/.cache by default) resolved  
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