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2690 5 months ago CVE-2022-24765 unknown gpiero
2673 5 months ago clone: inconsistencies in destination dir (put vs. get) unknown gpiero
2539 27 months ago export, tags, and optimize reorder unknown attila.lendvai
2456 27 months ago darcs.cabal: add "source-repository this" in darcs.cabal for release branches needs-implementation mimi.vx
2488 27 months ago matching a list of patches should be lazy unknown gh
2325 27 months ago darcs: getCurrentDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory) needs-reproduction jasongross9
2465 27 months ago detect failing ssh connexions right away unknown gh
2560 27 months ago second repo cloning slower than first one with darcs 2.12.5 needs-reproduction gh
2565 27 months ago spurious warnings about creating nested repository needs-reproduction bf
2644 29 months ago detect "invalid" patches on pull and apply unknown bf
2640 32 months ago darcs rollback filename: no patches selected unknown bf
2632 38 months ago Can we scrap patch bundles with "context"? unknown bf
2631 38 months ago exception when pulling in darcs repo on vfat file system unknown bf
2627 40 months ago potential security risk due to copying text files that contain URLs unknown bf
2617 45 months ago convert import crashes with out-of-order tags unknown bf
2607 47 months ago darcs record is too slow with medium/large numbers of files unknown simon
2598 50 months ago task: issue warning when pending is inconsistent with working tree unknown bf
2584 55 months ago darcs-test --hashed reports spurious failures when run in parallel unknown bf
2583 55 months ago do we still need src/win32/Darcs/Util/CtrlC.hs ? unknown gh
2568 56 months ago --unified option broken for most commands unknown bf
2556 59 months ago apply fails with 'hGetBuf: invalid argument (Invalid argument)' for large patch bundle unknown mihaigiurgeanu
2557 60 months ago semantics of --from-match and --to-match unknown bf
2555 60 months ago log -v does not show explicit dependencies unknown bf
2554 60 months ago extraneous explicit dependencies unknown bf
2547 61 months ago report total number of files asap when cloning repository pristine unknown gh
2546 61 months ago sort out the --patch/--to-patch , --XXX/-to-XXX flags meaning across commands unknown gh
2545 62 months ago Argument smuggling in SSH repository URLs unknown mithrandi
2544 62 months ago commandExtraArgs should be improved (or removed) unknown bf
2543 62 months ago darcs push "" throws an 'impossible' exception unknown bf
2525 62 months ago help|setpref --list-options only take into account the command itself (none of the arguments given) unknown gpiero
2531 62 months ago help for non-existing subcommand should indicate failure unknown bf
2317 62 months ago Line colouring ignored when listing changes at last regrets unknown owst
2477 66 months ago Update darcs wiki to newest version of gitit unknown waldyrious
2499 77 months ago duplicate text when running 'darcs test' unknown lemming
2497 78 months ago optimize speed of conflict computing in whatsnew -s unknown gh
2491 81 months ago optimize 'slightlyOptimizePatchset' for big inventories unknown gh
2476 84 months ago refactor cloning code in two main cases unknown gh
2468 85 months ago unit tests for SelectChanges module unknown gh
2462 88 months ago --remote-darcs gets ignored for transfer-mode unknown bf
2613 26 months ago http://darcs.net/manual/ is outdated unknown bf
2651 5 months ago Could you set up HTTPS on dracs.net? needs-implementation mwkward
2573 26 months ago task: purge darcs of all uses of ByteString internals needs-implementation bf
2383 27 months ago Using last regrets/hunk edit can lead to "Error applying" error unknown owst
2692 4 months ago improve error handling when commutation of common patches fails unknown bf
189 5 months ago --external-merge tool should properly reference renamed files has-patch keturn
1981 5 months ago local pristine file error message should tell user to run darcs repair has-patch gh
2072 5 months ago move patches aren't properly coalesced has-patch ganesh
2646 5 months ago contrib/darcs-shell no longer works has-patch bf
1819 5 months ago pull --dont-allow-conflicts doesn't work w external-merge has-patch fx
2591 5 months ago latin9-input regressions on Windows in darcs 2.14 unknown ganesh
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