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ID Activity Title Status Creator
1872 127 months ago use ISO8601 dates in XML output needs-implementation kowey
1549 129 months ago trim whitespace in _darcs/prefs/post needs-implementation kowey
1007 129 months ago use lazy bytestring in darcs needs-implementation kowey
1515 129 months ago create checklist of potential security issues trying to give darcs-only access to a repo has-patch kowey
1682 133 months ago Formatting patches to submit needs-implementation jch
1553 135 months ago small example darcs repo needs-implementation kowey
1649 135 months ago null conflict resolutions needs-reproduction mornfall
1630 135 months ago darcs record --ask-deps should show dependencies before asking waiting-for galbolle
1568 137 months ago bytestring for Darcs.Patch.FileName needs-implementation kowey
1774 3 months ago darcs library is not thread-safe (uses current working directory) unknown ganesh
1099 3 months ago patch bundles should have repo format strings   kowey
2077 3 months ago Warning when re-adding deleted file/directory needs-implementation owst
2630 16 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' unknown bf
2580 24 months ago task: take advantage of directory, filepath and temporary librares to simplify own code needs-implementation gh
2587 31 months ago proposal: "darcs check --hard" (or --invariants) unknown gh
1463 31 months ago Investigate "proper" Windows APIs for launching editor. waiting-for twb
2558 37 months ago common file name format for patches, inventories, pristine unknown bf
1844 37 months ago support matchers for ask-deps needs-implementation kowey
1289 40 months ago wish: warn when applying duplicate patch? needs-implementation twb
2322 40 months ago a command to turn lazy repositories into complete ones unknown gh
2261 40 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown markstos
2096 40 months ago --show-depends flag for record, amend and whatsnew needs-implementation gh
2535 43 months ago replace changes should be offered first instead of last unknown bf
2522 46 months ago Negate pattern in boring files to re-include a previously excluded file unknown mihaigiurgeanu
2511 50 months ago manpage does not explain -a unknown Tony den Haan
2495 56 months ago behavior when conflicts are detected on push or pull unknown bf
2371 57 months ago user defined command aliases needs-implementation bf
1214 58 months ago clearly identify patches as being conflict resolution patches deferred twb
2440 70 months ago use case for rebase push or push --obliterate unknown bf
2430 70 months ago sub-command rebase amend unknown bf
2387 79 months ago Say which files would be reverted by an obliterate and offer to revert unknown owst
2373 80 months ago darcs dist should be able to create reproducible tar balls unknown bf
2222 94 months ago task: QuickCheck crudeSift vs siftForPending needs-implementation kowey
2289 94 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown owst
1964 95 months ago more information in prehooks would be useful waiting-for simon
2288 96 months ago No way to determine which (if any) tag(s) "contain" a patch unknown owst
2084 96 months ago wish: darcs show patch unknown owst
2214 101 months ago Separate patch pretty printers from on-disk printers unknown owst
2177 105 months ago use last regrets as opportunity for extra information unknown kowey
2043 105 months ago replace own SHA1 implementation by existing library needs-implementation gh
2157 106 months ago remove trailing whitespace from long patch comments unknown mndrix
1265 106 months ago show all changes in amend record --edit, not just the new ones needs-implementation twb
2018 121 months ago should Printer drop ByteString support? (or alternatively drop String) needs-reproduction kowey
2007 121 months ago ability to name remote branches for easy interaction later needs-reproduction dagit
1734 122 months ago ability to revert during record interactive UI needs-implementation kowey
1785 122 months ago mechanism to force darcs to treat binary-looking file as text needs-reproduction twb
1967 123 months ago version controlled email/motd/etc needs-implementation kowey
1966 123 months ago version controlled repository-wide preferences needs-reproduction kowey
1915 125 months ago collect contributor license agreements from darcs hackers needs-implementation kowey
1891 126 months ago darcs stash waiting-for dagit
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