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2404 34 months ago darcs convert export ignores --repodir unknown nomeata
2402 34 months ago No windows binaries for latest release unknown bf
2395 35 months ago log --[no-]only-to-files deserves to be better documented unknown bf
2398 35 months ago --xml is incompatible with --interactive unknown bf
2397 35 months ago --xml should be replaced with --json unknown bf
2383 36 months ago Using last regrets/hunk edit can lead to "Error applying" error unknown owst
2382 36 months ago Renaming directory into shadowed file gives bad error message unknown owst
2350 37 months ago darcs cha shorthand no longer works unknown owst
2369 37 months ago Merge commute unit test fails unknown mdiaz
2264 37 months ago Attempting to oblit into a file containing '/'s will fail unknown owst
2362 37 months ago cleanup or prevent temporary files left by darcs in the working copy unknown gh
2354 40 months ago missing Darcs functionality unknown rinkevichjm
2352 40 months ago incorrectly displays unicode patch messages in a unicode terminal unknown grohne
2349 41 months ago send -O overwrites existing files unknown owst
2346 42 months ago Darcs outputs only the lowest octet of each characters unknown ownwaterloo
2194 44 months ago Shell glob works to get repo but push fails due to invalid path unknown owst
2210 44 months ago last regrets with single patch being selected unknown owst
2339 45 months ago Darcs send ... on latest windows build hangs unknown kvanberendonck
2336 45 months ago edit in interactive darcs record breaks patches unknown mf
2331 46 months ago darcs changes lies with Not a repository: user@remote.com:/home/user/foo unknown markstos
2329 46 months ago Partial repository checkout unknown kxra
2323 48 months ago Darcs should support resuming from transient access denied errors unknown jasongross9
2259 48 months ago Only working on my own patches unknown andreas.abel
2317 48 months ago Line colouring ignored when listing changes at last regrets unknown owst
2310 50 months ago rollback of rmfile foo doesn't readd foo to pending unknown owst
2305 50 months ago darcs get --to-patch should not fail on Ctrl-C unknown galbolle
2306 50 months ago darcs get --to-patch very-old-patch only goes back to last tag unknown galbolle
2303 51 months ago failure to create patch index results in: "darcs: /repo/filecache-tmp-3: rename: unsatisified constraints (Directory not empty ) needs-implementation markstos
1931 53 months ago Broken issues tests and writeFileUsingCache on case-insensitive filesystems. needs-implementation dagit
2185 53 months ago lines printed by record --unified drift as changes to record introduce more lines (or less) unknown gh
2266 54 months ago darcs get with patch argument fails on Mac OSX: bad error message unknown rpg
2265 54 months ago Can't apply patch files with names containing ':'s unknown owst
2262 54 months ago display of meta-data should be in local encoding unknown bf
2254 55 months ago Push/Send without repos pref file gives unhelpful error unknown owst
2240 55 months ago getSymbolicLinkStatus: inappropriate type (Not a directory) unknown maltem
2242 55 months ago rollback mv patches confuses darcs needs-reproduction kowey
2233 56 months ago darcs get --context with missing patches error doesn't tell us which patches are missing unknown owst
2213 58 months ago last regrets doesn't respect dependencies when going back unknown owst
2208 58 months ago replace fails even if unrecorded change would make it succeed unknown owst
2203 59 months ago darcs wh should only list toplevel deleted directories unknown owst
2192 60 months ago apply --reply always exits with zero unknown ilya
2188 60 months ago issue1344_abort_early_cant_send.sh should not fail if sendmail is not found unknown dequuvae
2183 61 months ago prefs/{repos,sources,defaultrepo} are confusing and strange when repo is locally copied unknown owst
2170 61 months ago darcs-benchmark: Add darcs show contents benchmarks unknown kowey
2169 61 months ago darcs-benchmark: move variant support out of repositories unknown kowey
2166 61 months ago darcs-benchmark: BUG: Convert called with empty source list unknown kowey
2158 62 months ago Pending adddir doesn't cause complaints if dir is rm'd in working unknown owst
2151 62 months ago spurious hash failure messages? unknown kowey
2143 63 months ago why would darcs record consult missing lazy patches? unknown kowey
2071 63 months ago Darcs won't build in Windows unknown andrew.pennebaker
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