Patch 1519 added regression test for issue2512

Title added regression test for issue2512
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Related Issues Multiple authors in global config get overwritten
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Created on 2016-10-10.14:52:48 by sap, last changed 2016-10-20.19:19:13 by ganesh.

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msg19302 (view) Author: sap Date: 2016-10-10.14:52:45
The regression test will check for the desired behaviour when more than
one author line is in "~/.darcs/author". Therefore, it points $HOME to a
temporary directory and creates a global darcs authors file there. If
preferred, I can alter the patch to use the current directory as $HOME
msg19304 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2016-10-13.15:59:23
Thanks for the clear test!

There are other tests that manipulate the contents of $HOME directly - 
the testing framework sets up $HOME to a safe throwaway location. I 
think it's best to be consistent with other tests, though it does make 
it a bit inconvenient to run tests manually.

What's the DARCS="darcs" line for? It looks a bit odd compared to our 
other tests.
msg19305 (view) Author: sap Date: 2016-10-13.17:44:35
Thanks to ganesh's feedback, the test got changed to no longer create a
temporary directory of its own. It now also is simpler.
msg19309 (view) Author: sap Date: 2016-10-18.16:57:50
Prefixed the filename of the test script with "failing-"
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