Patch 1521 issue2512: fix

Title issue2512: fix
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Created on 2016-10-24.15:00:08 by sap, last changed 2016-10-24.20:23:31 by ganesh.

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author-name-is-written-to-repository-after-multiple_choice-prompt.dpatch sap, 2016-10-24.15:00:06 text/plain
issue2512-test-and-fix.dpatch sap, 2016-10-24.15:00:07 text/plain
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msg19315 (view) Author: sap Date: 2016-10-24.15:00:07
The attached patch is a proposed fix for issue2512. Regarding coding
style, I tried to be faithful to the original code it replaces.

"issue2512-test-and-fix.dpatch" contains the test and the resolution to
issue2512 in a single bundle.

With kind regards
Stephan-A. Posselt
msg19316 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2016-10-24.20:23:30
As Eric says I think this was resent and we've sorted this all out now. 
Feel free to reopen if there's anything left to apply in this bundle.
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