Patch 1589 added a test for switching between encodings

Title added a test for switching between encodings
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Created on 2017-08-23.13:58:18 by gh, last changed 2017-08-23.13:58:18 by gh.

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msg19625 (view) Author: gh Date: 2017-08-23.13:58:18
First pach from Ben's darcs-encoding branch. I'm pushing it to reviewed
since it is testsuite-related and works.

From Ben's mail:

[...] it does [...] test that changes made in a repo with one encoding
can be applied to
another (or the same) repo with a different encoding in effect,
resulting in an identical tree.

This is what is now tested. In particular, I am creating a patch with

 * non-ASCII file content
 * non-ASCII file names
 * non-ASCII meta-data (patch name)

The patch is created with a UTF8 locale in effect, then turned into a
bundle. Then I switch to C locale, clone the repo and test that the
working trees are identical. Then I test that the original (UTF8) bundle
can still be applied and resuilts in the same tree. I also test that
darcs properly recognizes already applied bundles and that send -o and
obliterate -o both work, and that the resulting patches can be
obliterated as well as unrecorded and reverted. These tests have been
added because during my development some of these commands had issues
when I manually tested them. Finally we swap the roles of C and UTF8,
i.e. try to apply a bundle created under C encoding when UTF8 is in effect.
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