Patch 1603 lots of cleanups and fixes in (or affecting) Darcs.Repository.State

Title lots of cleanups and fixes in (or affecting) Darcs.Repository.State
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Created on 2017-09-23.20:07:13 by bf, last changed 2017-10-10.17:04:46 by gh.

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add-applystate-_primof-p_-_-applystate-p-to-repopatch-constraints.dpatch bf, 2017-09-23.20:07:13 application/x-darcs-patch
use-restrictdarcsdir-in-d_r_state_readworking.dpatch bf, 2017-10-10.10:02:19 application/x-darcs-patch
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msg19667 (view) Author: bf Date: 2017-09-23.20:07:13
This was a necessary step before I could even start to make any farther
reaching changes to the Darcs.Repository API. I fixed a number of bugs
along the way, mostly to do with --look-for-moves and
--look-for-replaces, which are now more cleanly integrated. The number
of patches in this bundle is large but I tried hard to keep each change
small and reviewable.

If one looks a bit closer, the beginnings of a better API can be
spotted. I refactored (mostly internally in D.R.State, for now) things
so that when we read a piece of state, we don't throw it away. Instead
we pass it (or a modified version) on to the caller, who is free to
discard the unneeded parts, but more often than not can directly use it
in stead of re-computing it. I'll write more about that in another message.

I am not yet screening this because about half the patches conflict with
Patch1593 (separating display and storage of patches), and I would like
to rebase them if (and when) Patch1593 gets screened.
msg19715 (view) Author: bf Date: 2017-10-10.10:02:19
This is a rebased version. Unfortunately it has even more patches than
the previous bundle. Sorry for that. I tried to split it into smaller
pieces but the result failed to make any sense to me.
msg19727 (view) Author: gh Date: 2017-10-10.17:04:45
TL;DR: Accepted, all tests pass, thanks for splitting changes into small

  * use restrictDarcsdir in D.R.State.readWorking
  * fixed erroneous/misleading docs in D.R.State
  * small simplification in filteredWorking
  * better documentation for restrictBoring
  * removed unneeded forall in type signatures in D.R.State
  * yet another layout fix, for D.R.State.readPending


  * pull all the lookForMoves/Replaces ugliness into D.R.State

Nice improvement of the repository API.
This simplifies the code of the individual commands
that inspect the unrecorded state.

  * layout changes, mostly to break overlong lines
  * document how readPendingAndWorking handles LookForMoves and
  * slightly refactored index code in D.R.State
  * further improved docs for unrecordedChanges


  * pull calls to GetMoves and GetReplaces into readPendingAndWorking


  * layout cleanup and some renamings in D.R.State


  * avoid repeated reading of the pending tree in D.R.State.getReplaces


  * maybeRestrictSubpaths gets the pending patch as parameter
OK (Probably the comment "- we have no need for the pending patch"
should go away)
(PD: the next patch removes it :-) )

  * fix: consider --look-for-moves in readUnrecordedFiltered and

Seems correct.

  * avoid use of pattern type signatures in readPendingAndWorking
  * layout: decreased indentation of where-block of D.R.State.getReplaces


  * fix getReplaces, refactoring call sites along the way
*Seems* correct to me.

  * fix: use argument file paths to restrict detected moves
  * added a test for --look-for-moves and --look-for-replaces and with files
  * removed tests/failing-look_for_replaces2.sh
  * cleanup arguments to filteredWorking
  * fixed tests/failing-look_for_replaces1.sh so that it fails for the
stated reason


  * added test for --look-for-moves with (file path) arguments

This is to test patch "fix: use argument file paths to restrict detected
moves". Good.
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