Patch 1612 more changes related to convert command

Title more changes related to convert command
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Created on 2017-10-10.10:33:07 by bf, last changed 2018-02-07.22:01:48 by gh.

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fix-in-convert-import_-decode-to-locale-charmap-when-printing-info-and-warnings.dpatch bf, 2017-10-10.10:33:06 application/x-darcs-patch
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msg19717 (view) Author: bf Date: 2017-10-10.10:33:06
More changes related to the convert command.

5 patches for repository bf@hub.darcs.net:darcs-current:

patch e3734731560d1131a73721dc3fbd4dfe0fc51d66
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Sat Sep 30 08:59:02 CEST 2017
  * fix in convert import: decode to locale charmap when printing info
and warnings

patch 6e1db7adb4f13011f06a20f42244c35c7653561f
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Sat Sep 30 08:56:46 CEST 2017
  * fix in convert export: decode patch name when printing progress line

patch 48f50c0cac94285388409698a8a8664233d87a95
Author: Ben Franksen <benjamin.franksen@helmholtz-berlin.de>
Date:   Fri Sep 29 19:06:20 CEST 2017
  * extended tests/convert.sh to cover conversion with --no-working-dir

patch ac49bde73345bfbaa9c44510ad530515cd423297
Author: Ben Franksen <benjamin.franksen@helmholtz-berlin.de>
Date:   Fri Sep 29 19:07:48 CEST 2017
  * renamed tests/convert.sh since it covers only darcs-2 subcommand

patch f0d6a5da970a61c79df1c85f2989497dd688a2d8
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Sat Sep 30 08:53:45 CEST 2017
  * extended tests/convert_export.sh to cover issue2359
msg19731 (view) Author: gh Date: 2017-10-10.17:17:51
I'm screening this bundle since it pertains to a non-essential feature
of darcs.
msg19840 (view) Author: gh Date: 2018-02-07.22:01:47
Accepting the bundle. Note that the second patch fixes 
http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2359 . Great!
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