Patch 1666 bump Cabal dependency to 1.24

Title bump Cabal dependency to 1.24
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Created on 2018-03-23.14:35:19 by gh, last changed 2018-03-23.21:21:24 by gh.

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bump-cabal-dependency-to-1_24-in-custom_setup.dpatch gh, 2018-03-23.21:21:24 application/octet-stream
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msg20004 (view) Author: gh Date: 2018-03-23.14:35:19
Since we require GHC 8, it does not make sense to allow Cabal pre-1.24.

I am self-accepting this patch.

patch c20bc1f39e4c958d93a71c518acb3f0b4a9055bb
Author: Guillaume Hoffmann <guillaumh@gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Mar 23 11:30:40 -03 2018
  * bump Cabal dependency to 1.24
  It is the minimal Cabal version that supports GHC 8.
msg20010 (view) Author: gh Date: 2018-03-23.21:21:24
Forgot about that second occurrence of Cabal dependency in darcs.cabal..
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