Patch 2158 darcs clean a.k.a. darcs revert -l

Title darcs clean a.k.a. darcs revert -l
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Created on 2021-02-22.20:46:28 by bf, last changed 2021-04-06.20:44:32 by ganesh.

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msg22640 (view) Author: bf Date: 2021-02-22.20:46:26
4 patches for repository http://darcs.net/screened:

patch c315a12ecbb3d33523b27519406c2697530d7396
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Thu Jan 21 12:19:15 CET 2021
  * revert command: reformat code

patch 00a01574dd33533b63d6fe1a202d69ca1b8d1f72
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Thu Jan 21 17:17:01 CET 2021
  * revert command: auto-format help text

patch 74eab0aff87989a5a1dd99918a6be269dd3aeae7
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Thu Jan 21 16:34:12 CET 2021
  * add 'darcs clean' command as an alias for 'darcs revert -l'
  This required to add the -l option in the first place which turned out to be
  a bit more difficult than expected. Adding just the option is unsound,
  because for un-added files addToPending goes wrong. However, this could be
  fixed elegantly by adding a generalized version of addToPending that allows
  to pass /all/ diffingOpts instead of only useIndex. The other problem was
  that filtering the unrecorded changes according to a set of given paths did
  not work with un-added files. This is fixed by using filterExistingPaths in
  a way similar to how we use it for e.g. darcs record.

patch a28e84032c2f9cb4b93b9daeba608523fcdc8f9f
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Fri Jan 22 16:20:17 CET 2021
  * addToPendingWithOptions -> addToPending
  This modifies all uses of addToPending to pass it the full set of diffing
  options as argument, which means that addToPendingWithOptions is no longer
  needed as a separate procedure.
msg22641 (view) Author: bf Date: 2021-02-22.20:54:43
Note that this is essentially just adding a missing option for darcs 
revert, plus an alias for convenience and mnemonics. If you don't like 
the alias, please shout. I'll not screen this for a few days.
msg22642 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2021-02-22.22:22:24
The principle looks nice to me.
msg22645 (view) Author: bf Date: 2021-02-23.14:12:58
Ok, then I'll screen it now.
msg22699 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2021-04-03.18:14:38
The code changes all look fine. Could you write a test for clean/revert -l?
msg22709 (view) Author: bf Date: 2021-04-06.13:04:46
Following up on review.

1 patch for repository http://darcs.net/screened:

patch f3b7d411bd5a688c6069998925dcc2fb327c78d3
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Tue Apr  6 10:36:03 CEST 2021
  * add test for clean / revert -l command
msg22712 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2021-04-06.20:44:32
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