Patch 2230 always apply _darcs/prefs/[boring|binaries]

Title always apply _darcs/prefs/[boring|binaries]
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Created on 2022-02-22.22:33:43 by ki11men0w, last changed 2022-12-31.13:16:42 by ganesh.

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always-apply-__darcs_prefs__boring_binaries__.dpatch ki11men0w, 2022-02-22.22:33:39 application/octet-stream
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msg22949 (view) Author: ki11men0w Date: 2022-02-22.22:33:38
Always apply boring and binaries files from _darcs/prefs direcory even if there are explicit settings for the corresponding prefs. There is no reason not to use these files. If there are explicit settings using darcs setpref [boring|binaries], these files remain the only possible way to set the appropriate settings personally at the repository level, and not globally.

This is one of my two patches that are related to preferences. Patches have no
dependencies on each other, so it will be two separate patches.
The full rationale for both patches can be found here: https://hub.darcs.net/ki11men0w/profile-develop/browse/presentations/darcs-boring-files.
msg22951 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2022-02-22.22:38:55
> The full rationale for both patches can be found here: 

Thanks! Is this repo private? I can't access it.
msg22952 (view) Author: ki11men0w Date: 2022-02-23.22:25:22
> Thanks! Is this repo private? I can't access it.
Sorry, I accidentally provided a link to a closed clone of the repository. The correct link is: https://hub.darcs.net/ki11men0w/profile/browse/presentations/darcs-boring-files. To avoid confusion, I made the link given earlier also available.
msg23062 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2022-12-31.12:51:36
If I understand correctly, this would mean that someone who wants to just 
use the preferences chosen by `darcs setpref` would need to make sure to 
delete the files in `_darcs/prefs`, or to have used `--no-prefs-templates` 
from patch2231. I think that's fine, just want to mention it explicitly.
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