Patch 731 More explicit help for revert patch-editing (and 1 more)

Title More explicit help for revert patch-editing (and 1 more)
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Created on 2012-02-27.21:37:25 by galbolle, last changed 2012-03-15.19:45:44 by gh.

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msg15185 (view) Author: galbolle Date: 2012-02-27.21:37:24
These patches should fix issue 2132 by disabling edition of the 'BEFORE' part.
I'm not sure if we should keep it for other commands than revert.

2 patches for repository http://darcs.net:

Sun Feb 26 20:15:18 CET 2012  Florent Becker <florent.becker@ens-lyon.org>
  * More explicit help for revert patch-editing

Sun Feb 26 22:19:55 CET 2012  Florent Becker <florent.becker@ens-lyon.org>
  * resolve issue2132 ignore edit of 'BEFORE' part for hunk-edit in revert
msg15340 (view) Author: gh Date: 2012-03-15.19:45:44
The first patch enhances the help message.

The "resolve issue2132" patch no longer use the information written in
the "BEFORE" section when doing hunk editing for "darcs revert", but it
does keeps on working as expected when one does edit only the "AFTER"
section, so that"s an enhancement.
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