Patch 952 Break up Setup.lhs a bit with banners. (and 2 more)

Title Break up Setup.lhs a bit with banners. (and 2 more)
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Created on 2012-09-29.16:59:30 by kowey, last changed 2012-11-12.01:02:13 by owst.

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msg16139 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2012-09-29.16:59:30
3 patches for repository http://darcs.net:

Sat Sep  1 21:56:10 BST 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Break up Setup.lhs a bit with banners.

Sun Sep  2 19:10:58 BST 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Make cabal-dev directory boring.

Sat Sep 15 10:21:52 BST 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Remove redundant Module field from module haddocks.
msg16188 (view) Author: owst Date: 2012-09-29.22:50:03
Ok. I'm not really a fan of these banner comments in general but I
suppose it is ok here. Accepting
msg16189 (view) Author: owst Date: 2012-09-29.22:51:50
The final patch depends on (at least rebase, which isn't yet in
reviewed) - I've pushed the other two.
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