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ID Creation Title Status
1133 7 months ago resolve issue2314: output-auto-name in d... (and 1 more) obsoleted
1132 7 months ago resolve issue2367: amend-unrecord is no longer hidden rejected
1131 7 months ago Resolve Issue1416: put log files in tempdir instead of... obsoleted
1130 7 months ago fixed cut-n-paste error in haddock comment obsoleted
1129 7 months ago resolve issue2314: output-auto-name in defaults file obsoleted
1128 7 months ago resolve issue1987: Garbage collection for inventories ... obsoleted
1127 7 months ago Accept issue2365: whatsnew fails in repos made w get -... accepted
1126 8 months ago Resolve Issue2263: Option --set-scripts-executable is ... accepted
1125 8 months ago eliminate withRepoReadLock obsolete since old-fashione... accepted
1124 8 months ago conditionally use local copy of Data.Map.Strict in Dar... accepted
1123 8 months ago pandoc-ize README and remove mention of old flags and ... accepted
1122 9 months ago Replace "aggregator" classes with constraint synonyms in-discussion
1121 9 months ago resolve issue2357: switching to regex-compat-tdfa for ... accepted
1120 9 months ago A shell test for `whatsnew --interactive` accepted
1119 9 months ago support GHC 7.8 and various assorted oth... (and 1 more) accepted
1118 9 months ago Cleaning up the headers in WhatsNew and ... (and 1 more) accepted
1117 9 months ago fix hashed-storage build on Windows (and 3 more) accepted
1116 9 months ago bump cryptohash dependency obsoleted
1115 9 months ago bump cryptohash dependency accepted
1114 9 months ago Making sure darcs builds on OSX Mavericks accepted
1113 9 months ago resolve issue2332: ignore case of characters in prompt accepted
1112 10 months ago resolve issue2345: solution using cabal's checkForeign... accepted
1111 10 months ago implement log --fast-export to output git-fast-import ... accepted
1110 10 months ago remove useless check of xml-output in get and convert accepted
1109 12 months ago fix bug when global prefs dir does not exist and try t... accepted
1108 12 months ago Issue 2348 accepted
1107 12 months ago add command-line options to control glob... (and 6 more) accepted
1106 12 months ago record: no longer accept first commented line as patch... accepted
1105 13 months ago resolve issue2347: fix amend-record --prompt-long-comment accepted
1104 13 months ago resolve issue2335: one liner when adding tracked files... accepted
1103 14 months ago resolve issue2343: darcs amend-record does not record ... accepted
1102 14 months ago resolve issue2209: Automatically detect replace accepted
1101 14 months ago hashed-storage 0.5.11 : add fileid to the index format accepted
1100 14 months ago Fix a bug in MIME encoding of bundles. accepted
1099 15 months ago When using send command, post the patch if using http, even if --mail is not passed as an argument accepted
1098 15 months ago Introduce a local copy of Data.Map.Strict from contain... accepted
1097 15 months ago Weaken hashable dependency accepted
1096 15 months ago Export getChangesInfo from Changes command module accepted
1095 15 months ago Update containers minimum version accepted
1094 15 months ago remove import warning accepted
1093 15 months ago resolve issue642: Automatic detection of file renames accepted
1092 15 months ago resolve issue2334 fix win32 build removing file permis... accepted
1091 16 months ago remove redundant case in Darcs.UI.Command.Record.getLog accepted
1090 16 months ago put newline after darcs diff changelog output obsoleted
1089 16 months ago change format of patch name file when a text editor is... accepted
1088 16 months ago refuse empty patch names accepted
1087 16 months ago put newline after darcs diff changelog output accepted
1086 16 months ago make move patch explicit (and 1 more) accepted
1085 16 months ago announce removed files accepted
1084 16 months ago announce added files accepted
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