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ID Creation Title Status
1291 6 months ago move PatchFormat from Options to Repository (and use i... accepted
1290 6 months ago cleanup: import anchoredRoot instead of ... (and 4 more) accepted
1289 6 months ago purify Darcs.UI.Defaults, fixing two problems on the way accepted
1288 6 months ago fixed completion for help command accepted
1287 6 months ago resolve issue2260: skip internal patches when counting accepted
1286 6 months ago fixed failing fromJust in look-for-replaces implementa... obsoleted
1285 6 months ago resolve issue2410: detect replaces even with tokens of... accepted
1284 6 months ago re-implemented getOutput in terms of the... (and 3 more) accepted
1283 6 months ago re-implemented getOutput in terms of the... (and 2 more) obsoleted
1282 6 months ago purged RemoteApply of DarcsFlag remains obsoleted
1281 6 months ago resolve issue2385: invoke pager without temporary file accepted
1280 6 months ago beautified error messages for command line and default... accepted
1279 6 months ago re-implemented getOutput in terms of the... (and 2 more) obsoleted
1278 6 months ago add generic support for deprecated options (and 1 more) accepted
1277 6 months ago comments for convert --export accepted
1276 6 months ago cleanup: purged code for obsolete --debug-verbose flag accepted
1275 6 months ago added debugDocLn to Darcs.Util.Printer (and 1 more) accepted
1274 6 months ago restore cabal haddock by removing an out-commented lin... accepted
1273 6 months ago cleanup: removed all code related to the --hashed flag rejected
1272 6 months ago cleanup: restructured haddocks in the options core mod... accepted
1271 6 months ago cleanup: indentation of commandControlList accepted
1270 6 months ago simplified HashedRepo.removeFromTentativeInventory accepted
1269 6 months ago cleanup: slightly streamlined doRecord (and 1 more) accepted
1268 6 months ago removed block buffering for bundle transfer in push an... accepted
1267 6 months ago changed the argument order of PatchSet and backward operators accepted
1266 6 months ago Windows build fix accepted
1265 6 months ago -D_REENTRANT shouldn't be conditional on -frtsopts accepted
1264 6 months ago MINIMAL pragma for Effect class accepted
1263 6 months ago tweak takeHeadRebase docs/message a bit accepted
1262 6 months ago cleanup: slightly streamlined doRecord (and 2 more) obsoleted
1261 6 months ago bump dependencies lower bounds implied by requiring gh... accepted
1260 6 months ago fix: failing-issue1327.sh should fail for the right re... accepted
1259 6 months ago remove unused FileName related function accepted
1258 6 months ago In CommandControl, push the existential down into the ... accepted
1257 7 months ago cleanup: group type signatures with definitions in D.U... accepted
1256 7 months ago optimization: compress patch data before... (and 2 more) accepted
1255 7 months ago accept issue2432: pull --reorder fails to commute patches accepted
1254 7 months ago use files instead of pipe in tests/conve... (and 3 more) accepted
1253 7 months ago resolve issue2427: start conversion from intermediate ... accepted
1252 7 months ago use files instead of pipe in tests/convert_export.sh obsoleted
1251 7 months ago fix: use getExecutablePath only if ghc v... (and 1 more) accepted
1250 7 months ago cleanup: group type signatures with defi... (and 2 more) accepted
1249 7 months ago resolved issue2333: use getExecutablePath instead of g... accepted
1248 7 months ago accept issue2333: Error message when pushing and darcs... accepted
1247 7 months ago improved zsh completion script accepted
1246 7 months ago issue822: Improve error message with generalized IO type accepted
1245 8 months ago support GHC 7.10/base 4.8 accepted
1244 8 months ago resolve Issue2411: ignore swap moves with --look-for-m... accepted
1243 8 months ago rename 'rebase changes' to 'rebase log' accepted
1242 8 months ago Rename the 'utf8' test to 'latin9-input' accepted
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