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ID Creation Title Status
1100 13 months ago Fix a bug in MIME encoding of bundles. accepted
1099 13 months ago When using send command, post the patch if using http, even if --mail is not passed as an argument accepted
1098 14 months ago Introduce a local copy of Data.Map.Strict from contain... accepted
1097 14 months ago Weaken hashable dependency accepted
1096 14 months ago Export getChangesInfo from Changes command module accepted
1095 14 months ago Update containers minimum version accepted
1094 14 months ago remove import warning accepted
1093 14 months ago resolve issue642: Automatic detection of file renames accepted
1092 14 months ago resolve issue2334 fix win32 build removing file permis... accepted
1091 15 months ago remove redundant case in Darcs.UI.Command.Record.getLog accepted
1090 15 months ago put newline after darcs diff changelog output obsoleted
1089 15 months ago change format of patch name file when a text editor is... accepted
1088 15 months ago refuse empty patch names accepted
1087 15 months ago put newline after darcs diff changelog output accepted
1086 15 months ago make move patch explicit (and 1 more) accepted
1085 15 months ago announce removed files accepted
1084 15 months ago announce added files accepted
1083 15 months ago name change Lcs.hs -> Diff/Myers.hs (and 2 more) accepted
1082 15 months ago name change Lcs.hs -> Diff/Myers.hs (and 2 more) obsoleted
1081 15 months ago update unrecord and obliterate help, mention -O flag accepted
1080 15 months ago merge Darcs.Util.IO into Darcs.Util.File (and 1 more) accepted
1079 15 months ago Resolve issue2309: annotate includes line numbers accepted
1078 15 months ago Move chompNewline from Commands to Util/Text and renam... accepted
1077 15 months ago resolve issue1828: file listing and work... (and 1 more) accepted
1076 16 months ago resolve issue2313: whatsnew -l: Stack space overflow accepted
1075 16 months ago resolve issue2320: save prompted author name in ~/.dar... accepted
1074 16 months ago make nano the default text editor instead of vi accepted
1073 16 months ago resolv issue2321: remove "Do you want to add a long co... followup-requested
1072 16 months ago Export doOptimizeHTTP from Optimize module accepted
1071 17 months ago resolve issue2319: make changes non-inte... (and 1 more) accepted
1070 17 months ago remove repository flag DryRun parameter when not used ... accepted
1069 18 months ago accept issue1577 - revert deletes new files accepted
1068 18 months ago bump cryptohash dependency accepted
1067 19 months ago resolve issue2312: posthooks for 'record... (and 1 more) accepted
1066 19 months ago resolve issue2312: posthooks for 'record' and 'amend-r... obsoleted
1065 19 months ago Added tests for issue2312: posthooks for 'record' and ... accepted
1064 19 months ago resolve issue2311: posthook for 'get' should run in cr... accepted
1063 19 months ago Added tests for Issue 2311. accepted
1062 19 months ago Resolve issue2163: new option for amend, select author... accepted
1061 19 months ago Fix some compile warnings in ArgumentDefaults obsoleted
1060 19 months ago accept issue2310: rollback rmfile doesnt re-add in pen... accepted
1059 19 months ago Accept issue2308 accepted
1058 19 months ago Increase efficiency of patch index update. accepted
1057 20 months ago correctly set curl connection timeout accepted
1056 20 months ago Make darcs changes interactive by default (darcs log i... accepted
1055 20 months ago use many-files premade repos in get-http-packed tests ... accepted
1054 20 months ago enable get --packs by default again accepted
1053 20 months ago use existing many-files repo for sigPIPE.sh test in-discussion
1052 20 months ago Mark issue1105 as failing again (and 1 more) accepted
1051 20 months ago remove trackdown-bisect.sh long tests accepted
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