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ID Creation Title Status
1422 10 months ago make commit an alias for record accepted
1421 10 months ago disable interfering env variable in issue1739 test accepted
1420 10 months ago --machine-readable flag for more parseable whatsnew accepted
1419 10 months ago add test that lost deps during rebase are reported on accepted
1418 10 months ago remove unused fmapPIAP accepted
1417 10 months ago Rename Prim.V3 to Prim.FileUUID (and 7 more) accepted
1416 11 months ago Portability fix - #type nl_item isn't always Int32 accepted
1415 11 months ago fix repo upgrade help string accepted
1414 11 months ago implement repoXor and show it in "show repo" output accepted
1413 12 months ago resolve issue2481: expose API for 'darcs diff' command accepted
1412 12 months ago bump dependencies on vector, process, HUnit accepted
1411 12 months ago force grep to treat output of locale as text accepted
1410 12 months ago remove -fno-warn-dodgy-imports from modu... (and 1 more) accepted
1409 12 months ago merge Darcs.Patch.ConflictMarking into Darcs.Patch.Con... accepted
1408 13 months ago rename NEWS to CHANGELOG to please hackagedb accepted
1407 13 months ago fix two tests after stopping using the word changes in... accepted
1406 13 months ago refactor breakAfterNthNewline and breakBeforeNthNewline accepted
1405 13 months ago acknowledge -fno-warn-dodgy-imports is a... (and 1 more) accepted
1404 13 months ago remove patch index correctness and timin... (and 8 more) accepted
1403 13 months ago split issue1932 test up into a network and non-network... accepted
1402 13 months ago make test-framework imports explicit (and 3 more) accepted
1401 13 months ago Avoid subshells in amend-unrecord test accepted
1400 13 months ago disable issue2086 test on Windows - umasks don't reall... accepted
1399 14 months ago replace changes by log in two help strings accepted
1398 14 months ago resolve issue2450: witch from dataenc (deprecated) to sandi accepted
1397 14 months ago implement function getDeps (and 1 more) accepted
1396 14 months ago smoother hijack interaction for darcs rebase accepted
1395 14 months ago inline patchSetToPatches in the only pla... (and 2 more) accepted
1394 14 months ago using mmap on Windows was causing test failures accepted
1393 14 months ago Fix typo in darcs send message (and 2 more) accepted
1392 14 months ago Replace README with a copy of the QuickStart guide. accepted
1391 16 months ago require text>= if using ghc 7.10 accepted
1390 16 months ago Add missing file for 'renames.sh' test accepted
1389 16 months ago resolve issue2463: building darcs on powerpc accepted
1388 17 months ago please hackage adding 'manual: True' to the warn-as-er... accepted
1387 17 months ago extended network/log.sh test (repeat without any filen... accepted
1386 17 months ago patch1357 obsoleted
1385 17 months ago removed cleaning of _darcs/patches before getting patc... accepted
1384 17 months ago cleanup: removed unnecessary LANGUAGE CP... (and 2 more) accepted
1383 17 months ago made connection caching in Darcs.Repository.Ssh thread safe accepted
1382 17 months ago resolve issue2461: darcs log --repo=remoterepo creates... accepted
1381 17 months ago extend network/log.sh test for things mentioned in iss... accepted
1380 17 months ago resolve issue2459: fall back to writing the file if cr... accepted
1379 17 months ago removed Darcs.Patch.Prim.V3 from unit tests accepted
1378 17 months ago run network tests by default accepted
1377 17 months ago fix precondition violation in hashed-storage tests accepted
1376 17 months ago cleanup: removed an unused export from Darcs.UI.Option... accepted
1375 17 months ago removed special handling of --to-match from cloneRepos... accepted
1374 17 months ago Darcs.Repository.Clone: moved cleanDir t... (and 1 more) accepted
1373 17 months ago refactored Darcs.Repository (and 1 more) accepted
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