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ID Creation Title Status
2020 6 months ago rebase unsuspend: start at the beginning when extracting accepted
2019 6 months ago remove error if no suspended patches found accepted
2018 7 months ago release 2.14.4 accepted
2017 7 months ago support ghc-8.8 and ghc-8.10 accepted
2016 7 months ago release 2.14.3 accepted
2015 7 months ago add a .stylish-haskell.yaml reflecting our coding conv... accepted
2014 8 months ago change rebase to store Prims accepted
2013 8 months ago change interface to updatePatchHeader accepted
2012 8 months ago cut back some constraints on RebaseChange instances accepted
2011 8 months ago tests: check upgrade of "not-head" old-style rebase accepted
2010 8 months ago update comment about RebaseItem accepted
2009 8 months ago update indentation of instance ShowPatchBasic RebaseCh... accepted
2008 9 months ago introduce new rebase format (and 2 more) rejected
2007 9 months ago index: add comment to justify a partial pattern match accepted
2006 9 months ago clean up the patch name TAG and UNDO prefix mess for good in-discussion
2005 9 months ago fix in patch info shrinker accepted
2004 9 months ago tests: get rid of the model parameter to ShrinkModel accepted
2003 9 months ago use unwind in rebase suspend accepted
2002 9 months ago introduce unwind accepted
2001 9 months ago tests: merge checking accepted
2000 9 months ago Setup.hs: allow use of darcs as a cabal subproject rejected
1999 9 months ago fix manpage generation in Setup.hs and clean up imports accepted
1998 9 months ago clean up construction of Darcs.Util.Path.Name accepted
1997 9 months ago index: fix import layout (and 8 more) accepted
1996 9 months ago V1: rename type variable to make Merger/... (and 7 more) accepted
1995 9 months ago accept issue2640: darcs rollback filename: no patches ... accepted
1994 9 months ago change the email address for bug reports to bugs@darcs... accepted
1993 9 months ago use more efficient filename format for V3 in-discussion
1992 9 months ago harness: remove propIsMergeable (and 2 more) accepted
1991 9 months ago harness: move legacy Tree stuff into its own module accepted
1990 9 months ago remove state parameter from WithStartState2 accepted
1989 9 months ago index: rename and better document endianness indicator accepted
1988 9 months ago massive boilerplate reduction in test harness accepted
1987 9 months ago tests: sort default-extensions (and 4 more) accepted
1986 9 months ago tests: replace withSingle with withState... (and 1 more) accepted
1985 9 months ago fix clone to ssh: need to check remote target dir does... accepted
1984 9 months ago finally fix parsing of option arguments (and 2 more) accepted
1983 9 months ago annotate: more than one file argument is now an error accepted
1982 9 months ago diff command: make construction of trees... (and 5 more) accepted
1981 9 months ago fix editing of tag names with amend accepted
1980 9 months ago split off D.R.Pristine and D.R.Traverse ... (and 4 more) accepted
1979 9 months ago better shrinking for patches accepted
1978 10 months ago add ArbitraryState instance for Named (and 3 more) accepted
1977 10 months ago v3: extend invariant for Contexted patches inside a Co... accepted
1976 10 months ago move patchSetDrop from D.P.Match to D.P.Set accepted
1975 10 months ago make type Cache abstract accepted
1974 10 months ago remove redundant forall in type signature accepted
1973 10 months ago use Darcs.Repository.Paths in Darcs.Repository.Identify accepted
1972 10 months ago include junk in random PatchInfos accepted
1971 10 months ago introduce some generic merge function helpers accepted
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