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1462 15 months ago move command: fixed punctuation of error... (and 1 more) accepted
1461 15 months ago resolve issue2479: root dir most not be among the sour... accepted
1460 15 months ago accept issue2479: bug descending in modifyTree accepted
1459 15 months ago merge HACKING into README.md accepted
1458 15 months ago move runHLint.sh to root and update to run outside of ... accepted
1457 16 months ago remove Storage.Hashed (and 4 more) accepted
1456 16 months ago print the rebase status even after an error accepted
1455 16 months ago break out a runJob function (and 14 more) accepted
1454 16 months ago add wrapper type around 'Named' (and 10 more) accepted
1453 16 months ago get rid of a couple of trailing newlines accepted
1452 16 months ago Ignore the rebase internal patch when showing dependen... accepted
1451 16 months ago abstract out checking whether a Named is... (and 2 more) accepted
1450 17 months ago drop definition of HAVE_SIGINFO_H unused... (and 1 more) accepted
1449 17 months ago hlint Darcs.Util.Diff.Patience accepted
1448 17 months ago further merge hashed-storage code and tests into darcs... accepted
1447 17 months ago 2.10.3 changelog accepted
1446 17 months ago fix git test involving deletions (and 1 more) accepted
1445 17 months ago support transformers-compat 0.5.x accepted
1444 17 months ago fix tests that use "git commit" (and 1 more) accepted
1443 17 months ago Drop unnecessary use of patchcontents in... (and 1 more) accepted
1442 17 months ago bump dependencies lower bounds implied by requiring gh... accepted
1441 17 months ago Introduce a 'Suspended' type to encapsul... (and 12 more) accepted
1440 17 months ago avoid irrefutable pattern when importing unnamed commit accepted
1439 17 months ago WIP handle file moves when importing from git accepted
1438 17 months ago delete empty directories on git import (and 1 more) accepted
1437 17 months ago Add some tests for how conflicts are rep... (and 2 more) accepted
1436 17 months ago resolve issue2489: dequote filepaths while importing f... accepted
1435 17 months ago replace TaggedPatch by LabelledPatch in a comment accepted
1434 17 months ago add Darcs.Test.Patch.Selection and one unit test accepted
1433 17 months ago fix code inside of a comment accepted
1432 17 months ago do not open patches uselessly when no file restriction... accepted
1431 17 months ago capture diffAlgorithm in splitters inste... (and 1 more) accepted
1430 17 months ago break RebaseItem out into its own file (and 4 more) accepted
1429 17 months ago rename Patch and RealPatch to RepoPatchV... (and 1 more) accepted
1428 17 months ago bump async dependency accepted
1427 17 months ago Bump time, HTTP dependencies (and 3 more) accepted
1426 17 months ago convert import should be a RepoJob, not a V2Job accepted
1425 17 months ago set use-time-1point5 flag default to True to please stack accepted
1424 17 months ago rename README to README.md to get it properly rendered accepted
1423 17 months ago bump binary, transformers and tar upper ... (and 1 more) accepted
1422 17 months ago make commit an alias for record accepted
1421 17 months ago disable interfering env variable in issue1739 test accepted
1420 17 months ago --machine-readable flag for more parseable whatsnew accepted
1419 17 months ago add test that lost deps during rebase are reported on accepted
1418 17 months ago remove unused fmapPIAP accepted
1417 17 months ago Rename Prim.V3 to Prim.FileUUID (and 7 more) accepted
1416 18 months ago Portability fix - #type nl_item isn't always Int32 accepted
1415 18 months ago fix repo upgrade help string accepted
1414 18 months ago implement repoXor and show it in "show repo" output accepted
1413 19 months ago resolve issue2481: expose API for 'darcs diff' command accepted
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