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ID Creation Title Status
1487 16 months ago add pragma needed for GHC 8.0 (and 2 more) accepted
1486 16 months ago fix a network test after annotate patch feature removal accepted
1485 16 months ago make some command descriptions shorter a... (and 2 more) accepted
1484 16 months ago merge all show patch-index commands into one accepted
1483 16 months ago remove unnecessary pragma and do in Darc... (and 10 more) accepted
1482 16 months ago move network-related tests to network dir, update comm... accepted
1481 16 months ago reimplement resolution of --look-for-moves and update ... accepted
1480 16 months ago fix and clarify getReplaces accepted
1479 16 months ago resolve issue2138: report conflicting files in whatsne... accepted
1478 16 months ago implement log --machine-readable to see ... (and 1 more) accepted
1477 16 months ago fix extra-source-file path in darcs.cabal accepted
1476 16 months ago resolve issue2258: improve patch index error message w... accepted
1475 16 months ago resolve issue1807: clarify help of PAGER, DARCS_PAGER accepted
1474 16 months ago comment in Repository.Util (and 10 more) accepted
1473 17 months ago allow zip-archive-0.3 accepted
1472 17 months ago move copySources from HashedRepo to Clone (and 6 more) accepted
1471 17 months ago remove failing-issue1609 from testsuite as property we... accepted
1470 17 months ago skip ssh tests if ssh server is down accepted
1469 17 months ago random cleanups and refactorings accepted
1468 17 months ago improve output of darcs record with file arguments accepted
1467 17 months ago output of record with missing or not-added file obsoleted
1466 17 months ago cleanup in Darcs.Patch.Merge: use case instead of from... accepted
1465 17 months ago acknowledge a working case in failing-in... (and 2 more) accepted
1464 17 months ago Darcs.UI.Commands.Unrecord: honor quiet option everywhere accepted
1463 17 months ago resolve issue2486: obliterate --not-in-remote -q shoul... accepted
1462 17 months ago move command: fixed punctuation of error... (and 1 more) accepted
1461 17 months ago resolve issue2479: root dir most not be among the sour... accepted
1460 17 months ago accept issue2479: bug descending in modifyTree accepted
1459 17 months ago merge HACKING into README.md accepted
1458 17 months ago move runHLint.sh to root and update to run outside of ... accepted
1457 17 months ago remove Storage.Hashed (and 4 more) accepted
1456 18 months ago print the rebase status even after an error accepted
1455 18 months ago break out a runJob function (and 14 more) accepted
1454 18 months ago add wrapper type around 'Named' (and 10 more) accepted
1453 18 months ago get rid of a couple of trailing newlines accepted
1452 18 months ago Ignore the rebase internal patch when showing dependen... accepted
1451 18 months ago abstract out checking whether a Named is... (and 2 more) accepted
1450 18 months ago drop definition of HAVE_SIGINFO_H unused... (and 1 more) accepted
1449 18 months ago hlint Darcs.Util.Diff.Patience accepted
1448 18 months ago further merge hashed-storage code and tests into darcs... accepted
1447 18 months ago 2.10.3 changelog accepted
1446 18 months ago fix git test involving deletions (and 1 more) accepted
1445 18 months ago support transformers-compat 0.5.x accepted
1444 19 months ago fix tests that use "git commit" (and 1 more) accepted
1443 19 months ago Drop unnecessary use of patchcontents in... (and 1 more) accepted
1442 19 months ago bump dependencies lower bounds implied by requiring gh... accepted
1441 19 months ago Introduce a 'Suspended' type to encapsul... (and 12 more) accepted
1440 19 months ago avoid irrefutable pattern when importing unnamed commit accepted
1439 19 months ago WIP handle file moves when importing from git accepted
1438 19 months ago delete empty directories on git import (and 1 more) accepted
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