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1549 10 months ago remove --overview option, add -V as --ve... (and 5 more) accepted
1548 10 months ago zsh completion: suppress possible error messages with ... accepted
1547 10 months ago rename (amQuiet, amVerbose) to (quiet, ver... (and 12 more) accepted
1546 10 months ago refactored shell completion support (and 3 more) accepted
1545 11 months ago fix warning in harness/Storage/Hashed/Test.hs accepted
1544 11 months ago remove files and directories options fro... (and 5 more) accepted
1543 11 months ago fixed typo in option help for --no-pending accepted
1542 11 months ago refactor: add data type for hook options accepted
1541 11 months ago refactor: help and usage formatting cleanup (and 2 more) accepted
1540 11 months ago remove umask and update_working paramete... (and 5 more) accepted
1539 11 months ago tests/log.sh: run tests in separate dirs and don't rem... accepted
1538 11 months ago move some tests from documentation to th... (and 1 more) accepted
1537 11 months ago remove umask and update_working paramete... (and 2 more) obsoleted
1536 11 months ago resolve issue2526: actually consider boring option in ... accepted
1535 11 months ago accept issue2526: whatsnew -l --boring should list bor... accepted
1534 11 months ago Include the weak hash in the output of --exact-version accepted
1533 11 months ago bash_completion: better support for multi-level commands accepted
1532 11 months ago Accept issue2275: darcs follows symbolic links instead... accepted
1531 11 months ago Fix 'optimize <subcommand> --list-options' accepted
1530 11 months ago add roundtrip property for email MIME co... (and 1 more) accepted
1529 11 months ago Fixed a todo comment wrt email encoding. (and 1 more) obsoleted
1528 12 months ago Bt Customer Service Support Number rejected
1527 13 months ago <<RINKYkeBOOBS>>WelcomeIsraelPres18559357526 Quickbooks 24/7 Support Quickbooks 24/7 Support Phone Number rejected
1526 13 months ago resolve issue2504: skip ssh tests that require passwor... accepted
1525 13 months ago add IsRepoType constraint to the PrimV1Job type accepted
1524 13 months ago support time 1.7 (and 5 more) accepted
1523 14 months ago resolve issue2516: joining (possible) URL path element... accepted
1522 15 months ago fix mail encode with '.' or '=' as last character accepted
1521 16 months ago issue2512: fix obsoleted
1520 16 months ago resolve issue2512: author name is written to repository after multiple-choice prompt accepted
1519 16 months ago added regression test for issue2512 accepted
1518 16 months ago typo in test oldfashioned.sh accepted
1517 17 months ago rename Darcs.Repository.HashedRepo to Da... (and 6 more) accepted
1516 17 months ago merge one add test into add.sh (and 2 more) accepted
1515 17 months ago merge Motd module into Prefs accepted
1514 17 months ago remove show bug hidden command accepted
1513 17 months ago bump dependencies following haskell plat... (and 2 more) accepted
1512 17 months ago mark comment as TODO accepted
1511 17 months ago resolve issue2510: import Control.Exception even under... accepted
1510 17 months ago add missing sshlib import to test accepted
1509 17 months ago no longer print darcs version in output of help markdown accepted
1508 17 months ago resolve issue2507: add tests/network/sshlib to extra-s... accepted
1507 17 months ago disable network tests by default (release branch only) accepted
1506 17 months ago bump QuickCheck dependency accepted
1505 17 months ago improve error message when library ends ... (and 1 more) accepted
1504 19 months ago Tweak for sandi-0.4.* accepted
1503 21 months ago resolve issue2482: mark-conflicts FILE accepted
1502 21 months ago fix in record: use only existing file ar... (and 2 more) obsoleted
1501 21 months ago resolve issue2496 obsoleted
1500 21 months ago Re: patch1499 resolve issue2496 obsoleted
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