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ID Creation Title Status
1970 10 months ago fix warning on Windows accepted
1969 10 months ago remove graphviz dependency by re-implementing show dependencies accepted
1968 10 months ago fix file path encoding in convert export command rejected
1967 10 months ago remove sdist and postConf hooks from Setup.hs accepted
1966 10 months ago make the index format depend on endianness accepted
1965 10 months ago update darcs-test => darcs discovery for recent cabal ... accepted
1964 10 months ago simplify ArbitraryState instances accepted
1963 10 months ago use NoImplicitPrelude for test harness accepted
1962 10 months ago remove unnecessary use of hsc2hs accepted
1961 10 months ago remove darcs --exact-version in-discussion
1960 10 months ago support haskeline 0.8 obsoleted
1959 10 months ago option to disable graphviz accepted
1958 10 months ago support sandi 0.5 (and 5 more) rejected
1957 10 months ago support sandi 0.5 (and 5 more) accepted
1956 10 months ago test: use /usr/bin/env to find 'time' accepted
1955 10 months ago commas are not supported in recent versions of Cabal accepted
1954 10 months ago resolve issue2639: darcs diff crashes with --last=1 an... accepted
1953 10 months ago accept issue2639: darcs diff crashes with --last=1 and... accepted
1952 10 months ago make diff use execInteractive accepted
1951 11 months ago resolve 2616: Unbreak with base-4.13 — `Mon obsoleted
1950 14 months ago WIP: add test for resolution of duplicate patches in-discussion
1949 14 months ago add docs and cleanup tests/failing-nice-... (and 1 more) in-discussion
1948 14 months ago v3: fix name of a local variable that di... (and 7 more) accepted
1947 14 months ago refactor simplifyPush (and 9 more) accepted
1946 14 months ago WIP: introduce concept of unwinding a conflict obsoleted
1945 14 months ago remove embedded PrimPatch constraint from PrimFixup accepted
1944 14 months ago document the unsafety of named/unnamed commute operations accepted
1943 14 months ago get rid of the PrimPatchBase superclass for Summary accepted
1942 14 months ago inline getLogInfoCore but factor out matchRange and ma... accepted
1941 14 months ago fix error message when merging V3 confli... (and 2 more) accepted
1940 14 months ago show selected patches in commuted form (and 1 more) accepted
1939 14 months ago WIP re-write externalResolution in-discussion
1938 14 months ago remove instances of Annotate RepoPatch accepted
1937 14 months ago WIP Functor2 in-discussion
1936 14 months ago remove redundant PrimPatch constraint fo... (and 4 more) accepted
1935 14 months ago add NoImplicitPrelude for lib:darcs and exe:darcs accepted
1934 14 months ago add -fno-cse to D.P.Prim.Named given the unsafePerformIO accepted
1933 14 months ago add setup-depends upper bound for Cabal accepted
1932 14 months ago fix doc comment for filterDirContents (and 13 more) accepted
1931 14 months ago remove isInverted from PatchInfo accepted
1930 14 months ago resolve issue2636: make executable flag manual accepted
1929 14 months ago document why we can't bump the shelly de... (and 3 more) accepted
1928 14 months ago use genCommuteWhatWeCanRL to minimize bundles accepted
1927 14 months ago RepoPatchV3: import everything explicitly accepted
1926 14 months ago remove instances of CommuteNoConflicts f... (and 3 more) accepted
1925 14 months ago minor refactor and layout cleanup of D.U... (and 2 more) accepted
1924 14 months ago cleanup export list of Darcs.UI.Commands.Help accepted
1923 14 months ago resolve issue2635: build/install man page only if we b... accepted
1922 14 months ago move -DHAVE_MAPI from Setup.hs to darcs.cabal accepted
1921 14 months ago add a test for applying a patch with an unclean tag accepted
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