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ID Creation Title Status
1748 5 months ago fix in patch index: avoid generating repeated move pat... obsoleted
1747 5 months ago handle binary patches in applyAndTryToFixFL (for prim V1) accepted
1746 5 months ago resolve issue2604: remove --reply and related options obsoleted
1745 5 months ago use AnchoredPath instead of FileName for... (and 8 more) accepted
1744 5 months ago move mangleUnravelled to new class PrimMangleUnravelled accepted
1743 5 months ago rename test for issue1702 to mark as fai... (and 3 more) accepted
1742 5 months ago resolve issue2604: remove --reply and related options accepted
1741 5 months ago patch 1739 rejected
1740 5 months ago bugfix in identifyRepositoryFor accepted
1739 5 months ago fix cache tests accepted
1738 5 months ago resolve issue1959: no longer require write-access to the index for read-only commands review-in-progress
1737 5 months ago rebase suspend: don't ask the user if --all is in effect rejected
1736 6 months ago fix: don't throw away pending in 'optimize upgrade' accepted
1735 6 months ago fix ./tests/network/issue1932-remote.sh accepted
1734 6 months ago fix ./tests/network/issue1932-remote.sh obsoleted
1733 6 months ago move more repo paths to D.R.Paths (and 14 more) obsoleted
1732 6 months ago use cryptonite instead of cryptohash and random accepted
1731 6 months ago store rebase patch at the repo layer accepted
1730 6 months ago add RepoPatchV3 aka camp conflictors (and 3 more) followup-in-progress
1729 6 months ago clean up partitioning functions and expo... (and 3 more) accepted
1728 6 months ago layout fixes and a trivial refactor in D.T.P.Check accepted
1727 6 months ago reformat parts of D.T.P.Arbitrary.Generi... (and 3 more) accepted
1726 6 months ago document laziness of commuter functions and slightly i... accepted
1725 6 months ago moved inOrderTags from convert command t... (and 2 more) accepted
1724 6 months ago resolve issue2599: don't bother to update pending when... accepted
1723 6 months ago replace most calls to getDirectoryConten... (and 1 more) accepted
1722 6 months ago simplify Darcs.Patch.Depends.slightlyOpt... (and 1 more) accepted
1721 6 months ago tests: remove duplicate definition of sh... (and 2 more) accepted
1720 6 months ago document lazyness of spanRL, breakRL, takeWhileRL accepted
1719 7 months ago simplify canonizeFL for V1 prim patches accepted
1718 7 months ago test rejected
1717 7 months ago fix two import warnings using #ifdefs accepted
1716 7 months ago fix and simplify checkUnrecordedConflicts accepted
1715 8 months ago no longer lie about repo witnesses (and 5 more) accepted
1714 8 months ago define repo paths in a separate module accepted
1713 8 months ago D.R.Merge: improved docs, local variable renamings, etc accepted
1712 8 months ago resolve issue2593: network test can collide with shell tests accepted
1711 8 months ago resolve various issues with pending accepted
1710 8 months ago rename UpdateWorking to UpdatePending accepted
1709 8 months ago throw an error if cleanly merging conflict resolutions fails accepted
1708 8 months ago remove writePatchSet and patchSetToRepository from D.R.Clone accepted
1707 8 months ago refactor matching of PatchSets accepted
1706 8 months ago simplify D.R.Hashed.reorderInventory accepted
1705 8 months ago fix tests/network/clone-http-packed* accepted
1704 8 months ago avoid using PrimConstruct and PrimClassify in Pending accepted
1703 8 months ago random selection of small and mostly trivial refactors and fixes accepted
1702 8 months ago maintenance/test system patches accepted
1701 8 months ago refactorings in the Darcs.Patch subsystem accepted
1700 9 months ago Consistent naming for working tree accepted
1699 9 months ago support containers 0.6 accepted
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