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ID Creation Title Status
1599 5 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested
1598 5 months ago some random cleanups, mostly trivial accepted
1597 5 months ago one small fix and a few other test cleanups accepted
1596 5 months ago simplified implementation of show dependencies accepted
1595 5 months ago cleanup HashedIO module, remove unused types and fields accepted
1594 5 months ago resolve issue2540: include help for all prefs files accepted
1593 5 months ago clean up display of file names by separating display and storage of patches accepted
1592 5 months ago refactor text encoding in darcs (rebased from Ben's encoding branch) accepted
1591 5 months ago formatting and debug patches from Ben's encoding branch accepted
1590 5 months ago use piName instead of (BC.unpack . _piName) in two modules accepted
1589 6 months ago added a test for switching between encodings accepted
1588 6 months ago support GHC 8.2 accepted
1587 6 months ago fix cabal new-build for cabal < 2.0 accepted
1586 6 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested
1585 6 months ago fix test issue2382-mv-dir-to-file-confuses-darcs.sh for darcs1 repos accepted
1584 6 months ago Darcs.Patch.Choices: cleanup layout of import and export lists accepted
1583 6 months ago accept and resolve issue2160 accepted
1582 6 months ago UI code cleanup and a minor error message fix accepted
1581 6 months ago resolved issue2543: darcs push with empty or no arguments accepted
1580 6 months ago resolve issue2525: complete only first arg of setpref (and 1 more) accepted
1579 6 months ago resolve issue2531: help for non-existing subcommand should fail accepted
1578 6 months ago resolve issue2317: line colouring at last regrets accepted
1577 6 months ago added a comment to Darcs.Patch.Conflict.resolveConflicts (and one more) accepted
1576 6 months ago removed failing test for non-issue1363 accepted
1575 6 months ago use the delegate_ctlc feature of process >= accepted
1574 6 months ago disable orphan warnings in harness/Darcs/Test/Email.hs accepted
1573 6 months ago fixed command completion for help command accepted
1572 6 months ago format help for short options slightly more compact to save horizontal space accepted
1571 6 months ago append a slash when listing directory completions rejected
1570 6 months ago more random cleanups accepted
1569 6 months ago add trailing slash to local dir when cloning over ssh accepted
1568 6 months ago Two trivial cleanup changes accepted
1567 6 months ago two improvements for annotate command accepted
1566 6 months ago move functions from Darcs.Repository to better places accepted
1565 6 months ago move repo finding code to Darcs.Repository.Identify accepted
1564 6 months ago move packs creation code to Darcs.Repository.Packs accepted
1563 6 months ago haddock and cleanups in patch-index code accepted
1562 10 months ago fixed crash when annotate gets a single invalid filename accepted
1561 10 months ago accept issue1599: automatically expire unsused caches ... accepted
1560 10 months ago fixed haddocks for FreeRight accepted
1559 10 months ago Add --[no-]enum-patches to show repo accepted
1558 10 months ago whatsnew: fixed wrong use of term hunk i... (and 2 more) accepted
1557 10 months ago added test for whatsnew -l --no-summary rejected
1556 10 months ago remove some impredicativity in the test harness accepted
1555 10 months ago remove unused toolbox.sh test (and 1 more) accepted
1554 10 months ago harness: honor failing- prefix for network tests just ... accepted
1553 10 months ago refactored repair/check command accepted
1552 10 months ago avoid error messages with --list-options when out of a... accepted
1551 10 months ago Miscellaneous minor cleanups accepted
1550 10 months ago remove the match option hack for clone accepted
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