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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
2063 32 months ago add a test for gpg signed send/apply followup-requested bf
1879 43 months ago rewrite Merge FL instance in terms of Me... (and 1 more) followup-requested ganesh
1586 68 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested bf
1599 67 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested bf
948 127 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
2201 21 months ago remove most of Darcs.Patch.RepoType (and 12 more) followup-in-progress  
1832 45 months ago do white space en/decoding directly on the ByteStrings followup-in-progress  
2184 21 months ago more Arbitrary cleanups in-discussion  
2137 27 months ago remove unused (incl. darcsden) V2Job in-discussion  
2075 32 months ago test for whether rebase suspend/unsuspend introduces c... in-discussion  
2006 37 months ago clean up the patch name TAG and UNDO prefix mess for good in-discussion  
1993 37 months ago use more efficient filename format for V3 in-discussion  
1908 43 months ago WIP: drop custom Setup.hs in-discussion  
1949 42 months ago add docs and cleanup tests/failing-nice-... (and 1 more) in-discussion  
1950 42 months ago WIP: add test for resolution of duplicate patches in-discussion  
1939 42 months ago WIP re-write externalResolution in-discussion  
1937 42 months ago WIP Functor2 in-discussion  
1919 42 months ago replace Apply with PrimApply/Effect in-discussion  
1887 43 months ago remove the size prefix when writing hash... (and 14 more) in-discussion  
1907 43 months ago Move PrimOf out of PrimPatchBase in-discussion  
1906 43 months ago decouple RepoPatchV3 impl from WithName in-discussion  
1870 43 months ago WIP add module Darcs.Patch.Theory in-discussion  
1888 43 months ago remove no-packs option in-discussion  
1833 45 months ago tests: eliminate two windows checks in-discussion  
1779 52 months ago increase progress rate from 1/s to 10/s in-discussion bf
1844 45 months ago automatically specialize merging and equality for sequences of patches with identity in-discussion  
2214 16 months ago remove the useless optimize pristine subcommand accepted-pending-tests  
2213 16 months ago fix the order of parameters to Tagged accepted-pending-tests  
2204 21 months ago decouple IsPrimV1 from ApplyState p ~ Tree, simplify r... accepted-pending-tests  
2287 4 days ago relax upper bounds on Win32 dependency (and 1 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2286 4 days ago ci: use latest releases of ghc-9.2 and g... (and 6 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2284 3 weeks ago remove unnecessary imports of D.P.Annota... (and 1 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2283 3 weeks ago add and use a few generic Gap utilities accepted-pending-tests  
2279 3 weeks ago send command: use question mark operator... (and 36 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2270 3 months ago clarify help for --hash, --from-hash and... (and 2 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2277 4 weeks ago allow test for issue2090 to be run manually (and 11 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2274 1 month ago test for issue1325 no longer fails accepted-pending-tests  
2273 1 month ago convert export: marks file String -> Abs... (and 4 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2272 2 months ago t/network/ssh.sh: don't require the defa... (and 4 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2269 3 months ago do not use a pager when $DARCS_PAGER // $PAGER is set ... accepted-pending-tests  
2231 13 months ago option not to fill _darcs/prefs/* files with templates accepted-pending-tests  
2263 8 months ago cleanup refactors in Darcs.Util.Cache accepted-pending-tests  
2256 9 months ago fix: add missing dry-run guards when calling applyToWo... accepted-pending-tests  
2255 9 months ago ci: set DARCS_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT to avoid timeouts wit... accepted-pending-tests  
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